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When they say “Parker's before Party” what does it mean?

It’s about picking good, experienced, knowledgeable people to help manage our Borough, regardless of their political party affiliation.

It’s recognizing that being a Republican or a Democrat has little to do with whether your trash gets picked up reliably, if your street gets plowed in the winter, or if that bridge finally gets fixed.

It’s acknowledging that whether you voted for Trump or Clinton doesn’t matter for leading Ridley Park. Because our town is managed by our neighbors. Volunteers willing to stand up, give a few hours each week, and make sure your tax dollars actually make this a great place to live -- whether you’re on the verge of retiring or about to raise a family.

Sure, there are issues we disagree on, but we can probably all agree that we want the people we vote for right here in Ridley Park to put our needs first, not the needs of their party heads in Media.

We just want to know that we’ve got a great police force protecting us, that we’re thinking about how to create more options for dining and shopping, and that the potholes are getting filled without breaking the bank or cracking open our wallets.

This isn’t about photo ops.

It’s about picking people who will show up prepared, who will roll up their sleeves, and listen, instead of shouting people down at monthly meetings.

It’s about not being afraid to show you the budget, instead of getting their friends to attack you on social media.

Our leaders are not above us, they are alongside us.

We’ve been able to put our differences aside to come together United for Ridley Park.

Sure, we might be Blue, or Red, But we’re Parkers first. And we’re in it for all 7,023 of us.

To learn more about the bipartisan team of council candidates, visit www.rpdems.com/our-candidates

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Comment by Parkergirl on October 31, 2017 at 8:44pm
I would imagine that as a life long Parker you would strike a more welcoming tone to Jim Butt. He’s entitled to his opinion, as you are yours. But you struck a very unwelcoming tone in your comment and Jim has lived here long enough to know how RP politics work. Rhetorical question...why do people feel the need to announce their departure? Does the person want to be begged to stay? I see it on FB all the time.
Comment by tim devabey on October 27, 2017 at 10:18pm


Thanks, I didn't know that.  Dan Dalessio, spouse of Councilwoman Michele Endriss Dalessio, is Treasurer/Finance Officer of the Borough Shade Tree Commission.  His wife, Councilwoman Michele Endriss Dalessio is Borough Council Liaison to the Borough Shade Tree Commission.

Comment by Parkergirl on October 27, 2017 at 7:11pm
@Tim Devabey....we all know it’s about 900.00 a month. I just want it in writing. Seems to me that the boro hired a janitor who turned into a snoop. It was a conflict from the beginning to ever have them clean and have one on council. Every resident is at risk to have the same thing happen to them. They should be fired.
Comment by tim devabey on October 27, 2017 at 7:05pm

@Parkergirl, Why don't you pose your question directly to Councilwoman Michele Endriss Dalessio?  I'm sure she could provide an answer PRIOR to the November 7 election. 

Maybe full financial disclosure would be worth a vote or two in her bid for re-election to Ridley Park Borough Council? 

Comment by Parkergirl on October 27, 2017 at 10:19am
@Charlie Maurone.....I filed a Right to Know last Friday (10/20) received a letter dated Monday (10/23) stating that because they were understaffed they needed a 30 day extension for my request. My request was for a copy of the contract and how much has been paid for our janitorial services performed by councilwoman Michelle Dalessio and her husband Dan. Why a 30 day extension? There are 3 full time employees in the office.
Comment by Charlie Maurone on October 25, 2017 at 3:27pm

All in the Family was a good thing for Archie on TV, but his shouting at Edith was never a good thing, nor would Parkers accept no bid family contracts...stop the practice to Councilors Glenn and Dalessio.... 

Comment by tim devabey on October 24, 2017 at 4:21pm

@Jim Butt,

"It’s recognizing that being a Republican or a Democrat has little to do with whether your trash gets picked up..."

Actually in my experience under the Berger-led "bipartisan" Council, things such as code enforcement and appointment to boards, commissions and even an appointment to Council have EVERYTHING to do with "Party affiliation" and little or NOTHING to do with experience, ability, qualifications or dedication. 

Comment by Howard McCoy on October 23, 2017 at 2:01pm

With 5 Council Seats to be filled this November, this election is for the Full Monty of Ridley Park politics - or - the big megillah to every resident.  Or, as other's see it - this November's election is for the whole enchilada, the big shebang, the 9 yards and the kit and caboodle of Ridley Park's political power...Make sure to vote this November 7.

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