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At 7:17am on March 11, 2013, James Lincke said…

Hi Howard! Hmm.. for a mural/painting of that kind at that size one or two people could create something over the course of a few weekends or if working everyday over a week or two I'd say.  I'd love to do something like that, of course the image/design and the level of elaborateness would factor in to the overall time ect.. Is there a particular image in mind for the bridge?

At 2:00pm on April 1, 2012, James Lincke said…

Thanks Howard, for the comments on "Lifeguard Studio!"  Much appreciated!  And glad that you enjoy it!

At 9:08pm on November 3, 2011, HW said…

Well it goes to show that a council person who truely acted out of hand and was more rude and out bounds and only wanted to argue was just not right and that the point in hand he did not really want to hear it, so now my question would be why even go to council if this is really how things can go,  And yes I stood my ground and and was herd but I have also been trying to be HERD for sometime.  As for Mr.  Berger being there or not that should not be a reason for things not to happen and for someone to be told to shut up.  And WOW another council person did have the thoughts to remind council and the one that got out of hand that I do live in Ridley Park and that I do PAY TAXES...and that residents need to be herd and not put thru a WAR ZONE od bashing like the onecouncilmember did. So more or less I can see where he wants to be and thats not with the Residentsof Ridley Park...at the workshop  he sure showed what he was like.


As for the business owner yes he was very supportive and I did respect what he said and how he was and as I have said I have nothing against that business or him.

At 6:12pm on May 8, 2011, Anna Lee Zambito Spencer said…

hello howard,

  thanks for getting back to me regarding places to stay near to ridley park. I may end up not coming in November due to a previous committment that I had completely forgotten about until today !  However, I may end up coming "home" next July  en route to  Italy and England ( for the 2012 summer Olympics ) and maybe on the way home to CA  since I must change planes in Philly.

  Thanks so very much for all of the time you have put into this amazing site!


At 8:29pm on February 10, 2011, Marilyn S. Perti said…

Have you wanted to unleash your creativity, but always seem to procrastinate?
Why not join the 55+ Art Group for an open art class that includes drawing and painting in watercolor or acrylic.

The group provides a time and a place for beginning or experienced artists to relax and paint. Examples and painting tips available. Choose your subject and medium, set your own pace, and surprise yourself with your own creations.

The 55+ Art Group meets on Tuesdays from 11:00 a.m.-12:30, in the Borough Hall, located at Ward & Creswell Streets, in Ridley Park.

For more information and to register (space is limited), call
Mary Alice Walsh @ 610-583-7207.
At 5:42pm on October 4, 2010, Mary Udovich said…
Howard, Have you had any trouble with your kitchen sink? Mine is leaking because it wasn't installed right according to my plumber. I may come over and look at yours sometime if that is ok. Thanks
At 6:23pm on September 22, 2010, Mary Udovich said…
Thanks Howard for helping me with the cat today. I just couldn't carry it out. You really are very kind and I appreciate it. Thanks again. I will have to make you one of my new creations..... peanut butter pie.
At 1:21pm on August 29, 2010, Mary Udovich said…
I dont know how to post this so everyone will see it so I am sending this to you. To get your phone on the do not call list you can call the following number 1 888-382-1222. Cell phone numbers will be made public in Sept. and you can start to receive calls from telemarketers. You will be charged for this. Just thought it was good info to share with everyone.
At 4:24pm on August 18, 2010, Linda Smith said…
Whats up with the dump truck on vacant property across from your house. I believe that there is an ordinance against this. Also, looks pretty bad as this is a main road traveled by many coming into RP.
At 4:53pm on March 28, 2010, Mary Udovich said…
Can you get a picture of the amazing weeping cherry tree across from Tim's post?? It only flowers for a short time and it is so gorgeous. I would love to see that up on the website. Thanks
At 11:37am on March 8, 2010, Kenneth Harper said…
Hi Howard ! There is a really great Veterans Forum tonight @ Ridley Senior High School on Morton Ave. in Folsom PA., 19033 The time is 6:00p.m. to 9:00p.m. I will be there representing Weichert Realtors, to let veterans know about their benifits from the V.A. to buy a house, also about the $8,000 Tax credit they are entitled to. Thanks
At 7:34pm on February 10, 2010, Kirby Jillson said…
Hi Howard!
In case you've noticed a surge of new members today, I advertised this site on my Facebook group called Growing Up in Ridley. This is a great website, thanks for creating it!
At 1:22pm on February 01, 2010, Debbie McCoy gave Howard McCoy a gift
hey buddy - whats up with the red house? why not green?
At 12:55pm on November 23, 2009, Gabriel DeRita said…
Looking forward to thanksgiving and the shoot-out...will you be deep-frying another turkey this year?
I`ll be home by Wednesday, expect to hear from me!
At 12:20pm on October 20, 2009, Richard Klatt said…
I placed my first event posting for the SMSR BBQ fundraiser tomorrow. I hope the poster graphic comes through. Thanks for your help.
At 2:49pm on October 3, 2009, Linda Smith said…
New signs are in for stop signs. Should be placed below Stop Signs next week. They are great. Reads Full Stop Free, Rolling Stop 109.00 your choice. (something like that). Hope you get a picture for Ridleyparkonline. Linda
At 8:25am on September 15, 2009, Alicia O'Donnell said…
Hey there, were you aware that borough residents can get free wood at the maintenance building at the lake? We looked at the pile last year and saw it was all soft pine, sycamore, etc. This year the wood is being kept behind a locked fence, but borough residents can come down during the work week (?) to get wood. What is bothering me is there is a Ridley Park employee (don't know if he resides in the borough) who is loading his truck with good firewood and taking it somewhere. I questioned Joe Yorke about this and he has done a good job of avoiding answering all my questions. Such as, is the borough selling firewood, is the employee a resident of RP, is the employee selling the wood for profit, when is the employee splitting the wood and loading his pick-up truck (I see him driving through the borough during the day loaded up). Joe Yorke said they moved the wood because some residents said it was unsightly (like the recycling containers are not). I'm not against anyone getting firewood, but I feel this employee has an unfair advantage. Joe Yorke says the employee splits and takes the wood on his own time and has loaned the borough the use of his log splitter. Ok, but why does he have a key to the fence after hours, but residents cannot access the wood after hours. I am awaiting a reply from Doris Lamb. If you're interested, I'll keep you posted.
At 9:46pm on September 13, 2009, Nina said…
Thanks for the good wishes Howard!
At 12:10am on July 17, 2009, Mike Torelli said…
Sorry to hear your loss of Ralph. My family and I are keeping you in our prayers.
Torelli Family
At 4:06pm on July 15, 2009, Linda Smith said…
I just learned of the death of your dear Ralph. I am so glad that he got a chance to see our wonderful RP fireworks. Bless him.
Linda Smith

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