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I am blogging about winter storm Janus happening outside my front door because there is little else going on to write about but the snow, the high winds, and the frigid cold temperatures. So far the storm has closed Ridley Schools, closed the Borough offices and moved the Borough Council meeting tonight to January 28 at 7PM.

On the left, at 10AM. Snow stayed on the streets and sidewalks immediately as it fell from the sky. Flakes began around 9:15AM and this picture is at 10AM on January 21, 2014.
At 11AM the storm outside our home continued. The was some minor blowing of the smaller snow flakes and the temperature felt colder with the wind increasing in speed and blowing the snow.

By 12PM noon the storm outside our home is gathering energy. The snow flake size size has increased from tiny pieces of sand to dime and nickle coin sized pieces. The increase in the size of the snow flakes is having a noticeable effect on visibility.

In the background I can hear jets landing at PHL and the snow continues

At 1:00PM conditions continue to deteriorate with blowing snow and more snow coming down at a quicker rate.

No plow trucks have been by our home so far . This morning there is a steady row of traffic headed north on Sellers Ave, towards the center of town, and away from I-95.

In the distance traffic continues to move along snow covered Chester Pike.

2:00PM and the snow intensity is increasing due to the increase in the speed of the wind from the NE.
3:00PM and there is a brief lull in storm activity. Traffic continues to travel predominately north away from I-95 and few cars and traveling in the south bound lane towards Chester Pike.
4:00PM and there are 6 inches of fluffy white snow everywhere and in some places there is more.  The volume of traffic is slowing down as the snow increases and nighttime approaches.  Northbound traffic on Sellers Ave, away from I-95, continues at a regular pace

By 5PM the steady procession of cars heading north on Sellers avenue is finally slowing down. The snow is not slowing and neither is the wind. Winds are 20 mph and the temperature at 5PM is a chilly 19ºF


The Borough highway truck is making the rounds and plowing the side street around Poplar, Henderson, Nevin and Welcome.

At 6:00PM outside our home

traffic has stopped passing. Winds are 18 mph with gusts to 24 mph. Visibility is to .75 miles. The temperature is 18°F and the wind chill is 2°F.

By 8PM Sellers Avenue was void of cars and packed with locals walking in the street and enjoying the winter weather.
At 9PM it was still snowing and the flakes were coming from all directions.

By 11AM the following morning the storm had passed, the sun was shining and Ridley Park was digging out from Winter Storm Janus.

The cold frigid temperatures continue. The thermometer sets at 4ºF with the wind chill at -17ºF. Today it is very cold.

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