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  To leave the fountain at Ridley Park Lake in the water during the winter, or take it out and put it in storage until warmer weather? That is the question members of Ridley Park borough council are mulling over.

   At council's Feb.19 meeting, Ridley Park Councilman Jared Brennan said he thinks it is preferable to remove the fountain during the winter to prevent any damage from the cold. But borough engineer Charles Catania said the fountain can be left in or taken out.  But he cautioned that the previous fountain was damaged by removing it.

  Councilwoman Sue Murtha questioned why the fountain has to run at "top speed" continuously. Council president Bob Berger commented that council should evaluate the costs involved in hiring a crane to lift the fountain out of the lake and place it in the small storage building on the shore.

   During the public comment portion of the meeting, former council member Jeanne Frantz, who lives in a house fronting on the lake, questioned why the lights at the fountain have to be on during day light hours and why isn't the fountain turned off at night.

   "I know how expensive it is to run that fountain," said Frantz, adding that she once served on council's finance committee. "Some adjustments could be made to save some money."

  Council approved a proclamation for Colorectal  Cancer Awareness Month after hearing a presentation by Patty Hollenbach, a nurse navigator for the Crozer-Keystone Health System about the importance of colorectal screening to spot pre-cancerous polyps before they become cancer.

In another matter, council approved the appointment of Tom Byrne Jr. as a part-time police officer. He is the son of Tom Byrne, who recently retired after 24 years on the borough police force, the last 10 years as chief.

  Byrne Jr. also works as a part-time police officer in Eddystone and recently became captain of Boeing's fire department. His brother, Steven, is a Chester city police officer.

Story by Barabara Ormsby, DelCoNewsNewtork

Photo by Ngauger on December 29, 2012 at 7:28pm

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Comment by Maripat King on February 27, 2013 at 7:42am
The fountain is absolutely beautiful, and serves a purpose to prevent stagnant water in the warm weather months. I miss seeing winter skaters on the larger portion of the lake, though, as the fountain prevents freezing and limits skating to a small portion of ice.
Comment by Kenneth Harper on February 23, 2013 at 8:14am

Thanks Jared for giving the facts about this issue with the new fountain that the taxpayers of Ridley Park paid for. We are also paying the bill to run the fountain 24/7 all year too. 

Comment by Jared Brennan on February 22, 2013 at 11:01pm

My question about the fountain being left in the water is pretty simple and obvious.  How cost effective is it to keep a fountain in the lake and running full power , lights included, 24 / 7 and say that that is more cost effective than removing the fountain, power washing and winterizing, and storing in the fountain building for the winter?  I'm willing to bet that if it costs $1000 or so to remove with a crane will be less than  the cost to run 12 months a year in the harshest conditions at full speed.  I am also willing to bet that the life expectancy of the fountain increases when it is winterized each year.   Just like a boat, if you maintain and upkeep by bringing to a dry storage area, something tells me that the fountain will last quite longer and require less repair.  Seems that Bob Berger and Paul Matus know something that most of us don't understand.  The manufacture of the fountain says, of course it would be wiser to remove and store out of the elements, but maybe Bob and Paul have an idea and experiment to teach the rest of us.  What amazes me the most is when you question their decision to take this approach, they can't answer the question and throw the proof of explaining to the engineer.  If they were so sure of this "experiment", why don't they explain and defend their "progressive idea of maintenance".  Also, I'm not sure we want to try to reinvent the wheel with an experiment on a $50,000 fountain that the tax payers paid for.


Jared Brennan

Comment by Linda Shockley on February 22, 2013 at 6:34pm

Thing is, if they're going to leave the fountain in during the winter, then turning it off would just risk freezing. As long as it's on & moving water around, the water won't freeze.  Of course, the timing of this discussion is bad, since we're already halfway through winter.

Comment by Sandy on February 22, 2013 at 1:34pm

I think we are wasting money having the lights on during the day, and probably at night time also.

When it is cold outside nobody walks or goes down the lake. Turn it all off until spring.

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