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Who Cares About RP Lake? A Call to Action

Protect the Buffers That Protect Us All



Contact your Pennsylvania State Senator now and urge him/ her to protect riparian buffers by supporting Senate Bill 560, the Riparian Buffer Protection Act, proposed by Senators Rafferty, Teplitz, Alloway, Hughes, Costa, Schwank, and Leach. 


This proposed legislation has recently been reintroduced and encourages protection of riparian buffers along streams, creeks and rivers in Pennsylvania. Riparian buffers are critical for protecting communities from flooding and pollution.  The most current science shows forested buffers to be among the most effective best practices for protecting our waterways and communities and natural resources. 


The values of buffers to our communities are endless.


  • Forested buffers maintain a stream’s health and protect communities by reducing pollution that harms humans and fish.
  • Buffers decrease flood damages by reducing the volume and peak of floodwaters and ensuring we are not building so close to our waterways we are sure to flood.
  • Buffers prevent erosion of stream banks which protects our lands and saves us money.
  • Buffers ensure healthy fish and beautiful scenery which supports the multi-million dollars businesses dependent upon fishing and boating.
  • Buffers increase the marketability and market value of homes and increase the tax base of our communities.


The damage that is done when we let developers needlessly decimate buffers is perpetual.  


Please take a moment to write a letter to Pennsylvania Senators and tell them to support Senate Bill 560 whether as co-sponsor or in vote. 


You can also write a letter with just one click through the Delaware Riverkeeper Network’s website at: http://www.delawareriverkeeper.org/act-now/urgent-details.aspx?Id=186.

Then we will send your letter for you.


After writing your letter, consider sharing the link with your friends via email or on Facebook, Twitter, etc. to spread the word and flood the Senate with comments showing support for the needs and safety of Pennsylvania’s citizens by supporting this new progressive, scientifically-based, legislation designed to protect our creeks and communities with the most basic and fundamental protections trees and native vegetation provide. 

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