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Wanted Again: Ridley Park Borough Manager...again, again

Not too long ago Ridley Park Borough was looking for another Borough Manager - once again the Borough is in the business of looking for another Borough Manager.

After a few short months the current Borough Manager, Kevin Tobias added his name to a growing list of Ex-Borough Managers of Ridley Park.

In his resignation letter to Borough Council, Tobias followed the footsteps of Ex- Borough Manager  William Stewart who resigned this year in J...

Tobias joins the EX-list of past Borough Managers including Terry Bradley, Carole Nasella, Dawn Human and William Steward.

photo credit to Charlie Maurone

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Comment by Kenneth Harper on October 20, 2017 at 7:28pm
So Ridley Park Borough has had 5 borough managers in 10 years. I would like to see the people of Ridley Park to turn out at the election polls & ask our current council members why this has occurred. Also if you see council candidates who are seeking office ask them how they would try to correct this problem. All of our elected council members need to work together to resolve this problem. Without resolving this problem creates larger problems for all the residents of Ridley Park.

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