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"The Pot Calling the Kettle Black" - Low ball Ridley Park politics

I just received the Republican attack advertisement in my mail over the weekend - I’m not surprised.   I’m not surprised how low the Ridley Park Republicans will go in their attempt to stop the residents of Ridley Park from voting for councilors who are United for Ridley Park. 

"United for Ridley Park" is a collection of both Democrat and Republican residents who want to end the deception and strong-arm politics that have been running Ridley Park for far too many years.  "United for Ridley Park” are Republican and Democratic candidates for Ridley Park - not candidates for the Republican Party and not candidates for the Democratic Party - CANDIDATES FOR RIDLEY PARK!

Here is exactly what the desperate Ridley Park Republican Party boss is doing.  In the mailed advertisement Ridley Park Republican Party boss is calling Councilman Dan Broadhurst, two-faced ,and accusing him of "Philadelphia-style politics."  If you know the saying, " the pot calling the kettle black” - this is exactly what we have, a strong-arm, Philadelphia-style politician calling out our local Borough Councilman.

Ridley Park Republican boss Bob Boland knows all too well about strong-arm, Philadelphia-style politics.  He brings Philadelphia money into the Delaware County Republican Party everyday - that is his "full-time job”.  To learn of his strong-arm, political tactics, simply search the Philadelphia Court Dockets for February 2006 until May 2007 and Mr Boland's pops up - surprise how Philadelphia-style politics work when you’re arrested of a violent crime Mr Boland.  

The incident stems from Mr Boland's physical intimidation and assault of man with a metal chair.  In a more recent situation, Mr Boland is alleged to of called the father of a women who posted on Facebook. The post questioned Republican candidate Sue MacAtee's opinion about a fee that Borough Council waived in order to assist a fundraiser for the Lakeview Elementary School's Playground.  Mr Bowland’s in the same union as the woman's father.  Boland is alleged to of called the woman’s father to obtain his daughter's personal phone number so he could talk to her about her post - her father refused.

In the Republican attack advertisement this weekend, it’s also so typical that the leaflet is based on untruths. Councilman Dan Broadhurst did send the Borough Solicitor all of the emails between the SORA Group and himself, but resident and Borough Constable Steve Valerio didn't like that.  Mr Valerio filed two Freedom of Information Act petitions and he didn't like the truthful information he received - the truth that the Solicitor received the SORA Group emails and the truth that nothing about the meetings with the SORA Group was secretive.

Councilman Broadhurst’s meetings with the SORA Group were held in the Borough Hall - nothing too secretive about that when hundreds of Ridley Park residents and business owners attend a public meeting at Borough Hall.  Councilman Broadhurst brought the SORA Groups' information to the Business owners and residents about revitalizing our Business District because he is deeply concerned about the future of the Ridley Park Business District.  That's not Mr Boland’s idea and that's why Mr Boland and his cronies are attacking Councilman Broadhurst - how childishly bad for Ridley Park.

I’m writing to tell you that SORA Group and the information they provided, are exactly what we residents and the business owners want - a sustainable Ridley Park Business District. Just ask our business owners about how they feel about SORA and they’ll repeat SORA represents their interests and the future prosperity of their business.  Their attention is on their businesses and Ridley Park - just like Councilman Broadhurst's attention - it’s on the future of the Ridley Park and the future of the Ridley Park Business Sistrict.

The SORA Group has ONLY provided Ridley Park with information on what a revitalization would look like.  There is NO contract with SORA and the borough is under NO obligation with SORA….syill another mistruth in the advertisement - so typical.

This latest advertisement was an attempt to stop the residents of Ridley Park from voting their conscience.  Mr Boland can only attack this plan since he has NO idea himself on how to turn around  the stagnant economic condition in the Ridley Park Business District. 

Don’ t be fooled by the foolish, kidded by childish behaviors, or intimidated by strong-arm tactics. On November 7, 2017, both Democrat and Republican residents can end all this and send strong-arm politics and Mr Boland back to Philadelphia where they belong.

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Comment by Linda Shockley on November 27, 2017 at 8:59am

Thanks, Tim. As always, Boland (and others) show their true nature.

Comment by tim devabey on November 26, 2017 at 7:41pm

@Linda Shockley,

The following articles are from the public record account of events from February 8, 2006 and October 26, 2010 you asked about referring to Jared's blog post.




22 machinists charged in Feb. airport brawl 22 charged in Feb. airport brawl

May 24, 2006|By Jane M. Von Bergen INQUIRER STAFF WRITER

Warrants were issued Monday for the arrests of 22 members of the International Association of Machinists, who are accused of aggravated and simple assault, conspiracy, making terroristic threats, and theft in connection with a Feb. 8 brawl at the Philadelphia Airport Marriott Hotel.

The union members, including three officers, are accused of assaulting organizers from a rival union, the Transport Workers Union.

Ten of those charged turned themselves in yesterday and the rest will surrender on Tuesday, said Charles Ehrlich, the prosecutor who heads the municipal courts unit.

Stephen "Randy" Canale, general chairman of the machinists' union branch that represents US Airways baggage handlers, said the union "does not advocate or condone violence." However, he said, "we discourage any rush to judgment based on incomplete accounts."

The unions were in competition to represent baggage handlers and fleet-service workers at US Airways, which merged last year with America West Airlines. Since then, the unions have agreed that the machinists' union will represent all the baggage handlers.

The machinists' union had represented US Airways' baggage handlers, the TWU America West's.

"It's a sad chapter in the history of the IAM," said David Rosen, the Transport Workers Union's general counsel. "If they are guilty, they don't belong in the labor movement or as airline employees."

The three union officers for whom warrants have been issued are Robert Boland, local president of IAM Local Lodge 1776 in Philadelphia; Anthony Armidio, assistant general chairman; and Vincent Cerasso, international representative.

On Feb. 8, three men identifying themselves as machinists' union officials warned five TWU organizers to leave the hotel and the city, according to the arrest warrants issued Monday.

A few minutes later, about 25 men entered the room and began throwing chairs, glasses, tables - and punches - according to a police affidavit. Two of the TWU organizers were beaten badly enough that they went by ambulance to Methodist Hospital.

Hotel videotape captured the men in the hotel corridors, but not what happened inside the meeting room. US Airways officials were able to identify all those on tape, police said

Shortly after the incident, US Airways fired the 22 men. The machinists' union responded by demanding arbitration for all the men and by filing a federal lawsuit that accused US Airways of trying to systematically eliminate union representation at US Airways facilities at Philadelphia International Airport.

The suit said the machinists' union members acted in self-defense. US Airways said the suit had no merit.

Contact staff writer Jane M. Von Bergen at 215-854-2769 or jvonbergen@phillynews.com.








by Jane M. Von Bergen, Staff Writer @JaneVonBergen | jvonbergen@phillynews.com

For anyone with a long memory (and it doesn't have to be that long), last week's partnership announcement from the Transport Workers Union and the International Association of Machinists was full of juicy irony. Does anyone remember the brawl between these two unions at the Philadelphia Airport Marriott on Feb. 8, 2006?

First, last week's news: The IAM and the TWU have created a partnership to represent nearly 30,000 ground mechanical and fleet service employees at the soon-to-be merged American Airlines and US Airways. The unions teamed up to combat a threat from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The Teamsters has filed a petition to represent US Airways mechanics, now represented by the Machinists union. The Teamsters also announced plans to try to get the mechanics now represented by the TWU at American to switch to become Teamsters.

"An unprincipled raid," the TWU and IAM harrumphed.

Now for the brawl in 2006: Same situation, a merger of two airlines. Entirely different approach. US Airways was merging with America West. The Machinists represented US Airways workers; the TWU represented those at America West. When TWU organizers came to Philadelphia, one of US Airways main hubs, to hold an information session in the hopes that TWU could represent the soon-to-be combined workforce, the Machinists took umbrage in a grand style.

Robert Boland, then the president of IAM Local 1776, had a dozen union members take off from their airport duties on Feb. 8. According to court documents, they gathered at the Jazz & Java coffee shop at the airport and strolled over to the Marriott, entering through a breezeway. When they got there, Boland and two other union officials went into the conference room the TWU rented and delivered an expletive-laced message: "We own ... Philadelphia, this is our ... city and you guys are to get out," the documents said, quoting Boland. "We're going to go to breakfast and we're going to be gone for about half an hour, and when we come back you guys had better be cleared out... I can't be held responsible for what these men outside are about to do." 

Thirty minutes became about 30 seconds. A mob, about a dozen, entered the room and started throwing glasses and chairs. Fists flew next, court documents said.

The fight spread into the hotel's service corridors, with IAM members chasing TWU organizers who tried to flee the fracas. Police came. Arrests were made, 22 in all.

Over the years, two parallel cases made their way through the courts. Some of the men, including Boland, wound up being charged criminally in Philadelphia with aggravated assault, terroristic threats, conspiracy and simple assault. Ultimately, the charges were downgraded with those who remained in the case pleading guilty to simple assault. The men, including Boland, were sentenced to probation. After the incident, Boland was fired from US Airways, but remained president of Local 1776, although he isn't president now.

The TWU organizers, some of whom were badly injured, sued the men individually as well as Local 1776, plus the IAM in federal court in Philadelphia.  Eventually, the number of defendants in the case narrowed to Local 1176 and seven men, including Boland, and Anthony Armideo, also spelled Armedio. He had moved up in union ranks around the time of the incident.

On Oct. 24, 2010, a jury "returned a verdict for Plaintiffs and against Defendants," awarding the organizers a total of $811,993. Since then, there have been a variety of motions on both sides, but the basic result stands. 

That's the story: Hard to imagine that these two unions are now singing a duet!

“I am proud that our two great unions put the members first in a true demonstration of solidarity," said IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger said in the press release announcing the deal between the unions. “These agreements protect our members' representation, pensions and seniority. Working jointly with the TWU, we will ensure both unions' members are rewarded in this merger."

“This agreement allows us to use our combined strength and resources on behalf of all our members as we move forward at the new American Airlines,” said TWU International President James C. Little.  “Both unions have decades of experience representing workers at US Airways and American Airlines and both unions are members of the AFL-CIO.”


Comment by Linda Shockley on November 25, 2017 at 9:25am


What happened on Feb 8, 2006?

Comment by tim devabey on November 21, 2017 at 4:49pm

@Jared, As a result of the events of February 8, 2006, a Civil Action was filed in US District Court.  A verdict was filed on October 26, 2010 which states that (six Defendants named) were liable for "civil assault, battery, and conspiracy" and (one Defendant named) "is liable to Plaintiffs for civil conspiracy."

Comment by Kenneth Harper on November 4, 2017 at 11:34am
Jared, thanks for getting out the true facts again.
Comment by Howard McCoy on November 2, 2017 at 7:30am

@CaroleN - We are all entitled to our opinions - thank you for your last one. Centered opinions of others have always been welcomed on RPOL but that's not what's happened in RP.   The seeds of dissent as constantly sown and for reasons related to pride, money, and influences.  Thanks to a few individuals, one small community of 7000 people can't get along. RPOL's been the greatest example of this - Republican's refuse to contribute and when they do contribute, their opinions only divide a community instead of offering change - and this is what we get....you commenting on me being a Democrat and contributing online.

A phrase of "Mainstream democratic news" sounds as familiar as the words from our trash talking President's mouth...really.  Thank you for an opinion, but it's not the facts. D's happen to be the residents responding on RPOL - You opinion will be missed but - hastla la vista.

Comment by Howard McCoy on October 30, 2017 at 6:04pm

Lackadaisical Dem's are my concern this election.  Outnumber 3:1 in the past Dem's have consistently stayed home when a victory was separated by a few hundred votes.

May 2017's Primary Result

Borough Council, 4 Years, Ridley Park
Democrat    A41    Andrew Furman       222
Democrat    A42    Dane Collins            226
Democrat    A43    Daniel Broadhurst    218
Democrat    A44    Matt Stepanic           206
Republican  B41    Bill Kaelin                 375
Republican  B42    Susan M. Mcatee      389
Republican  B43    Michele Dalessio      358
Republican   B44    Sharon Pinto           353

Borough Council, 2 Year Term, Ridley Park
Democrat    A45    Michael Taddei    251
Republican    B45    Jim Glenn          425

Comment by Kenneth Harper on October 30, 2017 at 5:11pm

Unied for Ridley Park puts Parkers first, November 7,2017 remember to VOTE.

Comment by Parkergirl on October 30, 2017 at 4:26pm
Love this! Always proud to have supported you and United for Ridley Park.
Comment by Charlie Maurone on October 30, 2017 at 4:11pm

Long but refreshing and truthful comments by Mr. Brennan, he stands Tall for Ridley Park.

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