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Greetings Ridley Park!!!

Just wanted to say thank you for welcoming Black Salt Cafe into the community. We hope to make the same great impression that our new friends & neighbors have made on us.  Please stop by for a cup of coffee, a bite to eat or just to say hello.  if you can't visit in person, please visit us at http://www.blacksaltcafe.com

Warm Regards-

Jennifer & Kaman

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Comment by Howard McCoy on April 9, 2011 at 8:26am

I'd like to see cooperative programs with America's third oldest community theater that's right down the street; the Barnstormers. My wife and I enjoy walking downtown to see a Barnstormers production with our friends and we've had no alcohol-free environment to catch a bite to eat before the show.  Who wants to cook when it's a night out at the theater? 

I'd like to see you selling pre-theater meal packages that included a special Barnstormers "Theater Menu" and a Barnstormers' ticket. The menu would be theater-themed and offered-up pre-preoduction combos like; "The Director, hot turkey club and milkshake," "The Backstage, cold tuna wrap and soda" etc. (you know what I mean).

If you sold 10 packages (meals & tickets), at least you would be assured of 10 patrons that night and that might make it economically worth your while to stay open until 8PM when the Barnstormers' productions begin.

It would also be wonderful for our community to further enhance our walk-about downtown atmosphere.  Own downtown has GREAT ASSETS; turn of the century architecture, America's third oldest community theater, and safety...we're a wonderful walkable town. 

Welcome to Ridley Park and break a leg.

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