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Stuart Gormon MD leaves Taylor for Cooper in Camden

Stuart L Gordon MD, the jovial orthopedic surgeon and one-time co-chief of Orthopedics at Taylor Hospital has left Taylor and joined leagues with Cooper Hospital's Bone and Joint Institute.

I saw him once in his Taylor Hospital office as a patient and forever he remembered my name every time we saw each other at the Ridley Park Post Office.  "How can you remember me after all these years?" When he called me by name without a seconds' thought.  "Howard" he'd say, "I'd remember that shoulder and a knee like yours anywhere." He also cured my shoulder pain and forever exchanged jokes with me because he had so many good-ones and our sense of humors were strangely alike.

He left Taylor as the founder and President of Liberty Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Associates, to be head of the hip and knee joint replacement at Cooper.  There I guess he won't have to share the top glory; or at least in title. And in true Stu Gordon style, I'm sure the whole Cooper staff has heard a few good-ones already.

Stu's been listed several times in Consumer's Guide to Top Docs, and Top Doc in Main Line Today and I believe lots of his Taylor-connected patients will miss him.  Teaching Online.com says he'll continue seeing patients in his Newtown Square office on Thursday's, otherwise, he's in New Jersey, at Cooper and living in DelCo with his wife, children and three beagles. Good luck Stu and don't let them stop laughing. I gotta love a funny man who tries to make others feel better through medicine and humor.

Howard J McCoy, III, RN

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