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Some reminders about safety through the storm:

If you have wires down and/or lose power (and let's all hope it doesn't happen!), call PECO's emergency number 1-800-841-4141 and stay away from any wires that are sparking, arcing, hanging, or on the ground.

While enjoying your fireplaces or using space heaters, please don't forget about carbon monoxide.  Our last three calls for CO in Ridley Park have turned out to be real emergencies with high levels of CO in the residences (the heater was the source in all three cases).  Make sure you have a working CO detector and be aware of the symptoms of CO poisoning (we list them under "Seasonal Info" on www.rpfd.com along with more information about carbon monoxide).

If the power does go out and you use a generator, remember to keep them outdoors in a well-ventilated area, away from all doors, windows, and vents.  Connect appliances with heavy-duty extension cords and do not fuel your generator while it's running.

As always stay safe!

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