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Right outside Ridley Park's limits, behind Chill-Out Ice Cream in Leedom Estates, a national animal-lovers crisis is unfolding over the whereabouts of a micro-miniature, Vietnamese potbelly pig called Steve.
Ridley Township Police have refused to reveal their hideout for the 10 week old pig they found in an alley. 

Pigs and other agriculture animals are illegal in Ridley Township and the best course of action was to deport Steve to an undisclosed farm.  Against the cries of Steve's owners that 6-pound Steve is a indoor family pet and not an outdoor farm pig, Ridley Township Police have refused to give out the location of Steve's new home.

Most municipalities ban swine and agriculture animals but they don't address micro-pigs the size of Springer Spanials. According to pigpalssanctuary, micro-pigs are very social and make wonderful pets in the right environment. They should be with an owner who's home all day to keep them out of trouble and they need a fenced yard for "piggy time."  As tiny pigs became popular and more people got them as babies, even more couldn't handle them as grown animals and that's how Pig Pals Sanctuary got started in 1987.

As a pig on the lamb, Steve's following is growing and we should be glad this is playing out just outside Ridley Park's borders.

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Comment by Kenneth Harper on April 15, 2011 at 5:20pm

Hi Howard,

I received a call on my cell phone today about Steve, I had to explain that it wasn't Ridley Park police dept. that did this, but Ridley Township.  I did put a call in this afternoon to Ridley Township & was told "Steve isn't here".  But the question I would like to have been answered, then where is he?  I am happy that I live in Ridley Park & not on the other side of the RR tracks !!!!!!!!!!

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