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Five mature shade trees at the Crum Lynne railroad station in Ridley
Park were saved from being cut down through the watchful eye of borough
councilman Jared Brennan. Brennan
said he noticed white xs on the trees on West Ridley Avenue at the
station where SEPTA was planning to repair steps leading from the street
to the station platform. The councilman said he realized that x on the
trees meant they were to be chopped down. See the full story from Barbara Ormsby

Brennan also reported that the replacement of the East Sellers Avenue bridge
over the Amtrak right-of-way tracks will not begin until 2012 and when
it happens, will take two years to complete. Resident Andy Furman expressed
concern about the facade of the bridge. Borough engineer Charles
Catania and councilwoman Sue Murtha said the structure will have a
stone-like facade. See the full story from Barbara Ormsby.

Residents and some council members alike complained about the traffic violations, mostly going through stop
signs, mostly by parents dropping their kids off at Lakeview School and
Ridley Middle School along with complaints about parents going the wrong way on
Free Street to get to the middle school. See the full story from Barbara Ormsby.

Council woman Samantha Snow reported the borough received an $11,700 recycling grant from the Act 101 Recycling
Grant program. Council president Bob Berger noted the grant was almost double the amount budgeted this year. See the full story from Barbara Ormsby.

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