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It's 9/11 today and I know exactly where I was this time 14 years ago, who was with me, and exactly what I was doing. I remember my wife Debbie phoning me from work and telling me to turn on the TV. I'll never forget what I saw on live on television that day.  I'm also old enough to have the same memories of JFK's assassination.

If anyone knew of the unfolding's on 9/11/2001, I imagine they would have planned more for their absence, hugged and kissed their kids and family members over and over again, and I imagine they would have had a teary send off as they left their front door for the last time and waved good-bye.

Today is a day of remembrances, memories, a time for national healing, and a day for National Hugging. It's a day when we can remember to hug and kiss our kids and family members like we'll never see them again, and tell them how much they mean. It's a day to greet our neighbors, say hello to the postal workers, cheer for the fire company, applaud our police, and act like we might never have a chance again to hug, cheer, applaud, and salute again.  After all, it's 9/11 and nothing about the future is guaranteed, so hug on.

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