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Sept Council highlights: Herbicides, Speeders and an attempted abduction

Collier Circle resident Michael Gale spoke before Council this month and suggested that residents be informed when the Highway Department applies herbicides in our parks so the chemicals can have a chance to to dry.

Mike Gale told Council and Barbara Ormsby of the DelCo Times he called a telephone number listed on a container of weed killer to ask how long it takes that product to dry after an application. “I was told there is a four-hour re-entry time before the area should be used,” Gale said, adding that he lives near Hetzel Park where there is a play area for young children. “I think that’s fair enough,” council President Bob Berger told Gale of his suggestion.

Another resident, who told council that the borough could make a lot of money by catching speeders on Sellers Avenue, was assured by Police Chief Mark Bascelli that there have been several police details assigned to the Sellers Avenue area to enforce the speed limit.

In another matter, Bascelli spoke of the recent attempted abduction of a Ridley Middle School seventh-grade student in the area of East Rodgers Street and Harrison Street as she was walking to school. The girl reportedly managed to escape from the back seat of the van where she was being held.

“Fortunately she was able to escape. She was taken against her will. Any information, I would appreciate a phone call,” Bascelli said.

In addition, council approved a minimum municipal obligation of $118,501 for the 2015 police pension fund requirement.

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Comment by Linda Shockley on September 30, 2014 at 5:41pm

Great.  If true, RP gets a black eye over an incident that never even happened.  Not that I'm blaming the girl, she's probably too young to think out the consequences of telling such a story.  Just wish everyone who was so vocal about it would now be equally vocal about it not happening.

Comment by Howard McCoy on September 30, 2014 at 8:08am

I've heard from multiple sources that this young girl's attempted abduction was a hoax. The story that's been consistently told to me is the same; the girl was being bullied at school and on the day of the hoax she felt that she was going to be beat-up at school, so rather than go to school, she fabricated the story about an abduction. 

I heard nothing official from RPPD but a police officer from a surrounding community related the details to me - so everyone might be wrong about this but I've been told the same story over and over again by mom's and dad's at the Middle School, and by four or five others (one who is a police officer).

If the story is a hoax, I know other parents would be relieved by some official word.

Comment by Linda Shockley on September 30, 2014 at 7:38am

Was anything ever found out about the attempted abduction?  That story just seemed to vanish from the news.

Comment by Howard McCoy on September 29, 2014 at 3:23pm

Parker4life I agree with you entirely about the driver's being at fault for speeding and disobeying stop signs.  There are several discussions and blogs on RPOL about bad driving behaviors; namely the "Ridley Roll" through stop signs, speeding, and parking on the opposite side of the street. 

I believe all three are cultural phenomena and not just a fault of bad driving. Parking against traffic on the opposite side of the street is illegal in Pennsylvania.  Park on the opposite side of the street in any DelCo community but Ridley Park and see all the expensive tickets you'll earn for driving a car on the opposite side of the roadway. In Ridley Park, parking against traffic is a celebration.

And the "Ridley Roll" at stop signs has been around long enough that my children's children know about it.

Illegal driving behavior like these have been acceptable bad behaviors in RP for decades. If everyone drove at 25 and stopped at stop signs, others might see that following PA's driving laws in our home town as a good thing. Instead, the Ridley Roll, speeding, and parking against traffic on the opposite side of the roadway flourish as Ridley Park and Ridley Parker's believe they are normal, and acceptable driving behaviors in a small town, instead than violations of the law. 

I'd like our officer's paying attention to keeping us safe in other ways; catching criminals. We who live in Ridley Park should, and could, become a community our courteous, polite drivers.  A community that's known far and wide as the Borough where the locals driving at 25 MPH and stop completely at every stop sign - not because the police are present - because all the local's only drive at 25MPH and cars behind them slow drive to 25MPH as well.  "Parker's Drive at 25, Do You?"

Comment by Parker4life on September 28, 2014 at 11:08am
How many stop signs and roads are there in the boro?? Too many to count. How many cops are there? 10-12. Blame the cops for not being at every stop sign, please. Blame the drivers not the cops.
Comment by John on September 19, 2014 at 10:28am

what about all the ones that run stop signs in Ridley Park, seems more and more every day, don't see any police sitting for them.

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