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Once again RP's Zoning Board will hear from Rose Tree Investors
tonight regarding the agreement they have reached with Borough
Council to build a parking lot on Sellers Avenue in the Historic District.

More will be revealed tonight about the settlement agreement Rose Tree
Investors (RTI) has reached with the Borough. The bottom line is
whether the Zoning Board will uphold their prior 0 to 5 unanimous
decision again RTI. Their prior decision was in favor of retaining the
current R1 (single family residential) status.

Rose Tree Investors wants to overturn the Zoning Boards prior decision
and is requesting the Zoning Board approve a zoning variance to change
a residential property into a parking lot.   The parking lot would be
used for the employees of their Medical Practice on Chester Pike. RPOL
and others are opposed to this and we believe you should be too. The
gateway to Ridley Park should showcase our community, not our parking.

The meeting begins at 7PM at Borough Hall. All are welcomed to attend,
I hope you will join me.

For background and history on 32 West Sellers visit RPOL or Search

RPOL for "32 West Sellers."

Howard McCoy, Editor RPOL

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