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Monday night the Ridley School Board (RSB) rejected a state-appointed Fact Finder's report in their long-going dispute with the Ridley Education Association (REA) over a contract.  The three main stalling points are: salary, health care, and teacher-directed prep time.

The chief negotiator for the district, told Barbara Ormsby of the DelCo Times the report "does not meet the needs of the taxpayers of the Ridley School District." Following this ,the RSB dunked the Fact Finder's report with a 9-ZIP vote.  The Fact Finder ruled in favor of the school district's healthcare proposal and the district's points on teacher-directed prep time.

Read the full story by Barbara Ormsby of the DelCo Times

The REA had asked for pay increases of <1%  for the most senior educators and less for less experienced teacher's.

REA President Brian Forney told Barbara Ormsby of the DelCo Times the district has averaged $3 million in surplus for the past five years and "Despite these yearly surpluses, Ridley (residents) have not seen their taxes decrease,"

In state appointed arbitration, the vetoer has a 5-10 day reconsideration window to vote again before the intimate details of the fact finder's report are made public. When the report is open, Ridley School District residents can read the intricate details of the Fact Finder and very specific details of the negotiations that each side presented

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Comment by RidleyParkOnline on January 8, 2015 at 11:35am

RSD has the right to vote again during the reconsideration period which, in this instance is 5-10 days, but is often as long as 30. I expect the findings will come through the state education authority and the press.

Comment by tim devabey on January 7, 2015 at 7:54pm

@Pj,  Ask Representative Miccarelli what progress is being made on his co-sponsored Bill to fund the Public Schools by means other than TAXING OUR PRIVATE RESIDENCES.  Stop the foreclosures:  support HB/SB 76.

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