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RPPD chase leads to attempted run-over and gunfire

Suspected burglar Joseph Adam Powell is behind bars after allegedly trying to run down a Ridley Park police officer early Monday morning. Reportedly, the 24-year-old Philadelphia resident had tried to break into the Woodlyn Pharmacy on Fairview Road and Marsalla Pizza across the street around 3:00AM. This led police to chase Powell to the Carolyn Court Apartments in Prospect Park where the suspect rammed a Ridley Park police car several times with the stolen 1995 Dodge Ram he was driving. He then tried to run over a Ridley Park Police Officer when the officer exited his car and approached the suspect's car. In response the officer shot the tires on Powell’s truck and limiting the ability of the suspect to flee. Powell managed to make it to Rt 420 & I-95 where he was tasered after a scuffle.
No one was injured during the shooting and our Ridley Park Police Officer received minor injuries during the incident.

See the DelCo Times complete story and details

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Comment by RidleyParkOnline on May 11, 2010 at 8:09pm
The Philadelphia man who allegedly tried to run down a police officer during a car chase last month was held for court Monday. Joseph Adam Powell, 24, remains behind bars on 10 percent of $100,000 cash. More details
Comment by RidleyParkOnline on April 28, 2010 at 8:30pm
According to police, responding officers saw a red 1995 Dodge Ram pickup fleeing the scene and tried to make a vehicle stop. The pickup fled toward Chester Pike then made a left and headed toward Prospect Park with officers from Ridley Township, Ridley Park, Eddystone in pursuit. When Powell reached the Carolyn Court Apartments in Prospect Park, police boxed him. Powell then rammed police cruisers from Prospect Park and Ridley Park trying to flee. When Ridley Park Officer Mark Bascelli approached the red pickup, Powell allegedly tried to run him down and Bascelli responded by firing his service revolver at the truck’s tires.

Powell took off, riding on the truck’s wheel rims south on Route 420 until he reached I-95, when his truck gave out and he was forced to stop. When police approached him, Powell put up a fight and was subdued by a stun gun. Bascelli received a minor injury during the struggle.

Inside of the red pickup, which was reported stolen out of Philadelphia, police found a GPS with 10 or 12 addresses for pharmacies throughout the Philadelphia area. Police believe he was coming down to Woodlyn to burglarize the pharmacy.

by Cindy Scharr

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