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RP Election: Candidates for Borough Council

RP Council President has often spoken of our Council as being "Bipartisan," meaning in this context that two Political Parties are represented on the present Council--Republican and Democrat.


I would like to see a true NON PARTISAN evaluation of Candidates based on individual qualifications, experience, and commitment to principles over "Party." 


That is the purpose of this blog.


For example, it is fine for a person to dislike "social media," or be "computer illiterate," or not want to be bothered by email correspondence.  It is ok; I personally can't stand Facebook.  But for an Office Seeker wanting to "represent the people" in a democratic process, there is a basic requirement to know how to--and want to--communicate with the Community.


Of the six Candidates that I know are running for the three available seats on Council, three have participated in the great RPOL experience.  They have answered direct questions or have openly shared opinions and viewpoints with the Community.


(Open discussion should not be a fearful experience even though we can at times feel vulnerable and likewise open to criticism.  So let's be tolerant and nice or at least respectful.  It is a comfortable fantasy to expect others to respond the way we would like them to.  So more power to anyone who expects after all this time and all those controversial votes by Council, to get the rationale or straight reasoning behind past votes prior to the November election.)


I open this discussion to hear other points of view that may validate my thinking. I would like to know for whom I will be voting. 


I received a flyer last week "paid for by the Ridley Park Republican Committee." I admit I don't know who that is. There are four members listed as "The Best Team for Ridley Park: Jack Whelan, Holly O'Mahoney, James P. Glenn, Paul Mattus." A quote from County District Attorney Jack Whelan praises the other three Councilors as he is "impressed by their abilities and dedication to the job." 

This impressive endorsement and the "Ridley Park Republican Team" goes on to pledge their commitment to "Honest and open discussions with residents...(and to practice)...Fiscally responsible stewardship of your tax dollars." 

This could be impressive... I wonder though why Jack Whelan is speaking for three RP Council Candidates?  He doesn't live in the Borough, nor is he running for Borough Council. 


Please, I would like to hear from individual Candidates about their views and voting record.


Up to this point, I can thank Michael Gale, Jared Brennan, and Maripat King for participating in the fact-finding process necessary for the election of worthy candidates to Council.  How about a word from the other three???


Respectfully submitted to the Community via RPOL.

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Comment by Parkergirl on October 2, 2015 at 4:07pm

@Howard. Well stated. While I have my doubts that the other candidates you mention will post on RPOL, we can always hope. Better yet, if any of these candidates running for council that haven't posted here are agreeable, I really think the question should be, "Why should the voters of Ridley Park allow you to keep your position?" Please give examples.

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