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RP Borough Council Adopts New Jersey State Highway Department Standards for Sidewalk Repairs in Ridley Park!

Wow!  In a split decision after voting down a motion to postpone the vote, Borough Council members voted to amend the existing “Streets and Sidewalks” ordinance to require that any present sidewalk…shall confirm (sic) to the following specifications and goes on to require that All concrete shall be class C Concrete, as defined in the New Jersey State Highway Department Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, 1961…   

[The word confirm used in ordinance is obviously a typo for conform.]

Repair your sidewalk--it's good for the Family!

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Comment by tim devabey on June 20, 2014 at 12:13pm

This blog was posted the day after the May 21 meeting of Council at which the Ordinance revisions mentioned were adopted.  The information therein was obtained by me from the RP Library where I had picked up a copy of the proposed Ordinance revisions shortly before Council voted on them. 

That is what was available to the public prior to Council voting.


At the June 17 meeting of Council,  upon questioning, the Council stated that the Solicitor had reviewed the proposed changes and corrected the references to New Jersey Standards to be relevant to the State we live in, Pennsylvania.  It took the Solicitor to figure that out.


The interesting unanswered and most obvious question about it is WHERE did that Ordinance revision come from in the first place?  It would follow if logic and evidence is believable, that the entire sidewalk and curb ordinance revision specification was dumped on our Borough by someone in a Jersey State of Mind.... And the ill effects of its untempered enforcement are already causing hardship for residents.  (see my neighbor's address to Council at the June 17 Council meeting.)   

Comment by jeanne frantz on May 27, 2014 at 12:12am

Michelle there is so much I  would  like to say about this current councul.  Just when I think we have hit bottom ,  this council takes us to a lower level.   Instead of representing our interests, they have seated themselves far above us  and do whatever they please. in order to serve their own interests.  At the same time they invest great effort in trying to keep us muzzled. But their arrogance is making them careless.   Using the NEW JERSEY HIGHWAY STANDARDS is a good example  of their carelessness.  Yes, you live in Ridley Park . Council does not remember where THEY live. They are losing control.  Everyone, please keep asking questions.  WE WILL  WIN OUR TOWN BACK   from the despots.  

Comment by Michelle Vanella-Kudenko on May 23, 2014 at 3:55pm
Why New Jersey? Don't we live in Pennsylvania?

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