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Ridley Park Residents Deserve Better- Why I am running for Council

I believe it's important to know who is running for Borough Council, and know what they believe in, and why they would ever want to pursue such a position.

I am Maripat King,  a third generation Ridley Parker. I chose to  purchase a  home in Ridley Park because it was a great place to grow up. Long summers at Ridley Park Swim Club led to friendships that remain strong to this day. I wanted my daughter Julia to have roots in a strong community, and grow up with her own great memories of Ridley Park. Two of my sisters also chose to return to the borough to raise their families, and my mother still lives in the home she and my Dad  purchased as newlyweds in 1947.  So, as you can see, I come from a family of commitment to this town.

My  Bachelor's Degree in Nursing is from the University of Delaware, and I am currently employed by the Crozer Keystone Health System as a Home Health nurse.  In this position, I've had the opportunity to provide care for many of the  residents in our community. I am a member of Christ Church Episcopal, and serve as Accounting Warden, Finance and Pastoral Care committees, and Lay Eucharistic Minister, taking Communion to homebound parishioners.

I am running for Borough Council because I believe the current Council has been financially irresponsible, and wasted  tens of thousands of tax dollars based on  poor decision making.  We have had an "acting police chief" who never signed a contract, collecting on seemingly endless hours of vacation and comp time, currently enjoying extended paid time off due to ???? (the injury and it's duration have not been disclosed by borough officials).  We have a wonderful, dedicated group of police officers who do a great job. They deserve a strong, present and accountable leadership.  Our legal fees soared to an all time high while the borough took action against a police office who was legitimately injured while on duty.

Another debacle was the hiring of our last Borough Manager, whose application was received after the deadline, yet she was hired because, as our Mayor proclaimed "She's a 10!"   Well...that romance devolved over the next two years, again resulting in expense to the borough in additional severance and legal fees.  Borough taxes were raised 4.5% last year,  yet  the 2014 audit shows a deficit of $244,664. Recovery from these poor decisions is costly to  residents, and the money is NOT being used to improve services to residents. We are at risk of taxing our residents out of their homes.

I am excited to share a ticket with Jared Brennan and Mike Gale. They are experienced, smart and level headed. As a team, we promise to bring common sense, respect and hard work to the table. We will restore financial accountability and live within our budget.  We will serve the residents of Ridley Park, not a political party. We want to restore the park, lakes and streets to the beautiful town we know it to be. We can meet these goals , with the help of our friends and neighbors.

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Comment by Nina on May 14, 2015 at 11:38am
Good news Maripat! Thanks so much for doing this . Your experience and dedication to serving our community will be great assets on council

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