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Ridley Park's Acting Police Chief - THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM

There is no need to whisper, this is important and we must make a stand as residents!

I've been hearing many residents asking questions about how our Borough is dealing with The Acting Chief of Police hinting that he is positioning for a " long term " disability buy out!   Many Police officers have advised that a memo was sent out explaining that our Acting Chief would be missing work due to residual health issues from a automobile accident that occurred in 2012.

I personally hope that the accident that is being referred to was NOT the accident that many of us witnessed at Chester Pike and Sellers Avenue involving our acting chief.  I personally have pictures of this accident and those involved in the accident being transported by ambulance in STREET CLOTHES after being removed from their PERSONAL VEHICLES.  If we the tax payers are paying for a short term disability in regards to this said accident, then I have a real issue with how this is being handled. 

I also will not sit and watch a Council offer ANY kind of long term disability that involves my tax dollars funding this "OFFER".  I am in possession of the police report of the 2012 accident.  The pictures in possession from the accident also show a "piece of paper / document" from the sun visor from a different employer as evidence of where someone might have been coming from at that hour of the day traveling to the job in Ridley Park.   If you are late for work and driving to your job, this should NEVER substantiate that you are "on the clock" for the borough. 

What is amazingly hypocritical to me is one of our Ridley Park Police Corporals was involved in an accident that occurred during his shift - in a Ridley Park police vehicle and our acting chief and borough manager had surveillance video following the Corporal trying to undermine him on a daily basis.  They tried to have the officer's job terminated and he was hurt "in the line of duty". 

Now we are being told that our acting chief is trying to say his accident "off duty" is credible as to warrant a disability that we the tax payers will have to pay.  NOT IN MY BOROUGH!  Let this blog serve as notice to Mr. Berger and the Ridley Park Council that if you try to allow ANY buy outs or pay offers for early termination that are not 100 % documented, you can be sure that I personally will be there with my own "SURVEILLANCE DEVICES" and documents ( insurance / disability etc.) to stop these kind of political shenanigans with tax payer dollars here in Ridley Park.

The elephant in the room has now been called out in public for all to reply on.  Haters need not reply, just speak of the facts!

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Comment by Parkergirl on January 13, 2015 at 11:05am

Well stated Charlie! Time to get our boro back on track. Too bad we can't get rid of all of them, but 3 will do...it's time we have an equal and well balanced council. A council that listens to the residents and sets aside their own agendas and are independent thinkers, not doing what someone tells them to do.

Comment by Charlie Maurone on January 13, 2015 at 10:14am

This is the year to make it happen, 2015, 3 Ridley Park Council seats are on the ballot, more important than State or National elections, impacts safety, health, quality of life.  

Comment by Parkergirl on January 12, 2015 at 5:02pm

@Tim...yes, $25 is what I paid...for the original and I believe for the amended police report. The amended police report was so false I actually went to the DA's office. I brought both the original report and "amended" one. It was obvious the investigator didn't know what to say to me. At least the COP's name was put out there. That was my intention in the long run and ultimately it was pointed out to the judge in the case. Case dismissed!

Comment by tim devabey on January 12, 2015 at 4:28pm

@WM PAT, @Parkergirl,  Let me know what they charge you for a Police report.  When I requested a copy of the report that was filed by a RP Officer AT MY REQUEST, it didn't accurately reflect the situation I reported.  Nevertheless, I had to pay twenty-five dollars ($25) for it.  The Officer later told me he didn't remember what he had written.  Ho-hum.

Comment by Parkergirl on January 12, 2015 at 1:36pm

@WM Pat...Don't know for sure, but you should be able to file a Right to Know at the boro to get the police report since it was an employee of the borough. At the very least, you can get one at the police station. Beware, police reports are known to have changed from the original to "amended" police report. They wind up being two different police reports.  I should know, it was pulled on me and the court system called him on it.

Comment by INFORMED RU on January 12, 2015 at 12:52pm
These are very serious accusations, can u share more details. This amounts to insurance fraud if true
Comment by Dump Trump on January 12, 2015 at 12:11pm

Did they ever make the accident report public from 2012?  Who was at fault?  I believe I heard that the officer was going to work when the accident occurred, and it was very serious accident.

Comment by Parkergirl on January 12, 2015 at 10:25am

@Jared...while it is no surprise the acting COP would stall on negotiations on his contract, it shouldn't come as a surprise that council went along with it. All parties are to blame. We are missing council members with intergrity and a moral back bone. The BM and COP are gone, now it should be Mattus and Glenn turn as well. Why is it so hard to do the right thing? All the characters above have cost the RP taxpayers a lot of money by their mismanagement and their decisions. Something is very wrong in RP...we've had 4 boro managers in 5 yrs. RP isn't what it once was.

Jared since you have more insight, please explain to the RP residents exactly what the COP going out on disability means to our pocketbooks? Explain how the BM and COP exceeded our legal expenses because of their ineptness?  Why aren't we getting figures on how much revenue we are receiving from the billboard? Berger stated he would comment on the termination agreement with the BM...I have yet to hear him utter a word about it? What were the terms of her termination? How much did that cost our borough? Where is our business district? Where is the once beautiful lake, the "jewel" of the borough? Even our school district has dropped in the state ranks while all of our taxes continue to rise.

I can name more than a handful of people who should run for election. They are well respected, well spoken and care deeply about RP and guess what...they know how to do a budget! Time for a change in RP because what's here now, isn't working.

Comment by Jared Brennan on January 11, 2015 at 7:29pm

@ Judy,

He never signed a contract to be Chief of Police.  Technically, he was still a Corporal and only an acting chief.  The reason he didn't sign a contract was so that he could make more money as a corporal than he would have if he signed a contract and was locked in to a new chief's salary. 

Imagine being able to schedule yourself for night differential pay, your weekly shift, and if an officer calls out sick, you cover that shift at overtime pay.  Premium overtime pay.   He had NO intentions to sign a contract because he knew as a first time Chief, the salary would be about limited and capped.  Would love for the borough to tell us what his salary has been for the last year or so that he was an acting chief,  compared to what the contract salary was that he refused to sign.

What town has EVER allowed a Chief of Police to agree to the position and then refuse to sign a contract for over a year?  The answer: Ridley Park Council

Comment by tim devabey on January 11, 2015 at 2:34pm

@Jared and All, 

Don't trip over the other "elephant in the room":  What about the important oversight role of the Mayor in "overseeing" the Police Department?  Has Mayor Hank Eberle been a passenger or a hostage while Berger boys take our Borough over the cliff??


If it turns out to be true that the Borough, as our representatives, would give a "good recommendation" using the BM's employment record with the Borough, they are not basing their opinion on reality.  i can think of several reasons why the BM does not deserve a recommendation for future employment in ANY capacity of Government in America.  How about you?!

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