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Ridley Park Council lacks the courage to tell the truth

Around 1:05 pm today I received a phone call from a resident who advised that Lamar workers were down at the billboard (Hetzel Park) doing work.  I was on my way to the doctor's office and had about 30 minutes to stop down and ask questions.  The Supervisor of the job said that they were given the release to start work today.  When I called Dawn our borough manager, and asked her why weren't we told about this last night at the council meeting, she replied, "we didn't know".  I asked when the final inspection was completed and when the release was issued and she stated around 1:15pm.  Funny that I arrived at 1:18 to Hetzel Park and three of the workers were at the top of the sign already working.  Dawn stated that they were at borough hall at 1:15 getting approval, but these five workers were obviously here working for at least a half hour.  Dawn at least continues to lie for the borough.


Now on with Bob Berger, you lack the courage to tell the truth.  He read Ernie's interpretation of the ordinance that stated the billboard did not need underground electricity at the Work Shop meeting two weeks ago.  This was the final straw that allowed Lamar to start work again.  But Mr. Berger lacks the courage to explain to the residents last night.  Also, when Ernie, our solicitor, advised council not to speak on behalf of the borough in regards to the billboard, it was then obvious that word reached the borough that they were being sued. 

I will continue to speak about the billboard and continue to state that the only reason the billboard is in Hetzel Park is because of greed.  The leader of the greed team is the same leader of the Republican Party in Ridley Park.  Mr Bob Boland.  You too lack the courage to tell the truth.  I did notice that you sent a few of your union buddies to sit in the audience last night so that you could keep up on what the residents are saying.  Why don't you show your face in person?  Plain and simple:  you are a coward.  Mike Puppio, our current solicitor is another person who does not have enough courage and that needs to be called onto the carpet.  He and Bob Boland have been working this "deal" since the early 2000's.  I am going to find out where the monies from this billboard are going and whose pockets are being lined.   I don't care whose name comes out, I will personally condemn them in public.


Mr. Byrne, our special lawyer,  did such a fine job for the borough.  He did NOTHING but collect a fee and then turned and used Ernie's interpretation about the electricity. Ernie was the one who stated a month earlier that we could stop the work based on that same disregard for the borough ordinance.  I thought Mr. Bryne was going to be independent of our solicitor's office.  These lawyers all protect each others interest. 

I hope the residents continue to show the rest of the borough what callous cowardly councilors and party members exist in this town.  It is quite frankly a disgrace and embarrassment.


I would not only propose a walk on borough hall, but we should do a walk down the street to Bob Boland's house since he finds any excuse to hide and stay out of public.  I am certain he will hide and cower the same way that all of his puppets on council and in the office have done throughout the last two months.



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Comment by Smecky on December 1, 2013 at 4:38pm

There is a section of Ridley Park that has a Crum Lynne zip code. I had to explain this a few times to the powers that be. They could care less.

Comment by MJ320 on November 23, 2013 at 11:26am

It's funny. I used to work with a guy who lived over in the neighborhood by the borough office. When I told him I moved to Ridley Park (HP Neighborhood) he actually said to me, "that's not Ridley Park." I told him my taxes say otherwise. I also asked him why he thought it was so different over there. I mean... he basically had a train that ran right in front of his house all day...

Comment by RP resident on November 22, 2013 at 10:25pm
Maripat King, because, frankly, we were born on the wrong side of the tracks (we reside on the wrong side of Chester Pike). We're the red-headed step children of the "real" Ridley Park that is in and around the business district, historic district and ABC fields, etc. We are not the "real" RP, we are expendable and outcasts, might as well call us Crum Lynn...so who cares about us and what happens to us when we're all by ourselves over here next to I95. Really?
Comment by Jb25 on November 22, 2013 at 12:36pm
Is 4-5% an unusually high increase? Burough council doesn't mind putting the results of their bad decisions on the backs of the resident taxpayers. Why do we have to accept that? We should fight every aspect of their budget. They gave back billboard revenue to offset construction costs to put up the billboard. They gave it back to a multimillion dollar corp. that drug them through court for 10-12 years and cost us how much to defend. How much taxes would that money have saved residents? If they are going to force the billboard down our throats we should at least benefit. And how much does it cost residents for no bid contracts, paying our family members to do work, and using highway dept workers to distribute " notices" to residents ? This council needs to go. Demand a recall election!.
Comment by Jared Brennan on November 21, 2013 at 11:16pm

Learned another piece of information that Bob Berger knew of the law suit at the Work Shop Meeting on November 6 and once again withheld giving the information to, most importantly the residents, and secondly the other councilors.  The letter that he had hidden in his possession that he only read a few lines from was the solicitor's opinions on the billboard electricity installing not needing to meet code.  The solicitor admitted that the law suit was filed on Nov 6, that same night of the work shop meeting.  Can someone explain why we were not advised NOT to make comments because of ongoing mitigation?  Isn't that what the solicitor advises every time a question is asked that gets too close to the puppet councilors being forced to tell the truth?  These politicians and lawyers continue to lie and deceive the residents of Ridley Park.  Hetzel Park residents keep making them answer your questions and let all of the other residents in Ridley Park know their total disregard for your neighborhood.

Comment by Maripat King on November 21, 2013 at 6:48pm

Why does the Borough Council have such distaste for the Hetzel Park area residents?

Comment by WM PAT on November 21, 2013 at 12:48pm

Good information, but the people voted most of Mr Boland's so called puppets back in.  Missed opportunity.  What does Bob Boland do for a living?  I also thought Nick Mick was the defacto leader.

 I thought you said it was time to move forward?

Comment by parkergirl on November 21, 2013 at 10:02am
""Happy Holidays"...are you kidding me? You should have just put up there..."Screw you HP Residents" because that's exactly what you've done

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