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Ridley Park Building Permits and Construction Applications

Looking to perform work in Ridley Park, complete the work yourself, or hire someone to do the work for you? Chances are you'll need a permit in Ridley Park for DIY homeowner projects like adding an outdoor patio and cement work.

Ridley Park Borough's website is up to date with applications, details, and permits required by homeowners and/or contractors doing work in Ridley Park. Call the Borough with questions @610.532.2100 or e-mail code enforcement.

The complete list of forms and permits covers every large scale home repair except for house painting; and for good reason.  We live so close together in Ridley Park that "my work" becomes "your results" when I'm finished.  For this reason, community building codes don't overtake our individual homeowner rights, when applied correctly, they help insure everyone's safety.

Here's a list of the current permits, applications and permits required in Ridley Park.

In Ridley Park Borough, permit fees are doubled if you start a job without a permit in your possession. Call the Borough with questions @610.532.2100 or e-mail the code enforcement department

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Comment by Nina on February 19, 2016 at 3:13pm
Thanks RPOL, hope you are right.
Comment by RidleyParkOnline on February 19, 2016 at 2:35pm

@Nina: At the time of sale the house has to be up to code to obtain a occupancy permit. Your property is beautiful and well maintained and I don't recommend you go out and repair your sidewalks yourself...it's too cold right now. :-)  Likely you're hire someone to do the work for you and the local permit(s) would be included in their work estimate...you would think. 

Permit costs are a fact of life and the Borough "might" or "does," or "should be" earning money from fees and permits and enforcement. RP farms out their code enforcement and I don't know the line items inside the budge so I used "might," "does." and "should be."

In the past some contractors worked without workman's comp insurance or DIY add-on's were done with insufficient skill. Nobody wants accidents on the job and declarations, insurance, permits, and references are a good indication of good work patterns and good results.

There are many great contractors around who have insurance, have RP work permits, always get permits for their customers and their work always exceeds the building code standards.

We also have a community filled with over qualified DIY'ers with old homes. Some have become Master Sergeants of plumbing, electricity, carpentry, dry walling, painting, window fixing and decorating while others escaped from their DIY project at the heels of smoke and flames.

I'm sure all my home repairs are legal ones and I'm positive all of yours are too.

Comment by Nina on February 19, 2016 at 2:08pm
Thanks RPOL. Yikes. What a long list of code regulations
Looks like anybody selling a house has to rebuild it completely between sale date and settlement date?!?

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