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We’re attuned to hearing stories about polluted water, land, and air when someone sounds the alarm about visible pollution we can see with our naked eyes. Like smog, an oil spill, or smoke from a fire when we see it we know it there.   For others, it's more dramatic and visual pollution isn't always needed for a harmful to health reaction. Insidious pollutants and unseen gases are far more harmful to our health - just ask an allergy sufferer or someone with respiratory disease. Good days and bad days for these sufferers and based in part on air quality and how good and how bad the air is they breathe.

To understand more about the quality of the air we breathe in Ridley Park, as compared to other places in the USA, I've installed a professional air quality monitor into my array of Ridley Park weather monitoring and broadcasting equipment.

Hyper-local weather forecasts and pollution reports specifically for Ridley Par.... At present, this is the only air quality monitoring broadcast station in Delaware County on the weatherundergorund network.

My PurpleAir sensor uses a fan to draw air past a laser which causes reflections from any particles in the air. These reflections are used to count particles in six sizes between 0.3μm and 10μm diameter to determine the specific particulates.

The major pollutants are from motor vehicles: Particulate matter (PM). These particles of soot and metals give smog its murky color, Hydrocarbons (HC), Nitrogen oxides (Nix), Carbon monoxide (CO).

Our array provides Ridley Park weather conditions every 2 minutes - NOT Philly Airport readings -and our Ridley Park array allows Weatherunderground to provide hyper-local weather forecasting unique to Ridley Park.

Yearly, daily, monthly weather data for Ridley Park is available. Our new Purpleair monitor allows for a similar collection of air particulate data for monitoring ozone, pollen, and particulates in Ridley Park's air and it will independently corroborating the temperature and barometric pressure readings from my other sensors - it's all good stuff and toys for the McCoy's.

I'm interested to see we enjoy a big sigh of relief, or whether we take a deep breath of bad air...the monitor provides readings every 80 seconds - so time will tell.

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