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Attached is a conceptual design for a redevelopment proposal for the downtown Business District of Ridley Park. This plan was presented to R.P. Borough council as a template for redevelopment by Sora Northeast, a Master Redeveloper from Sewell, NJ. Borough Council has held several meeting with representatives from Sora Northeast, which included residents and business owners. This past week representatives from Sora Northeast met with a number of property owners from the Business District for an informational session. The consensus among the property
owners who attended was to continue a dialogue about a potential redevelopment concept. The nature of these meetings is completely exploratory in nature and informational. 

The next logical step would be to share this conceptual design with residents of Ridley Park for your input and feedback. I look forward to hearing all opinions to be shared here, on the street or at future meetings

 While this image is just an initial overlay of the Business District, it does represent a real opportunity for a redeveloped Business District of Ridley Park. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions, my contact information is available through the borough website.


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Comment by Marie B on March 10, 2017 at 5:58pm
It's a shame anytime "progress" is discussed that everyone wants to fight first and discuss later. Have you seen our dying down town? Nothing but drug stores and bars! Stop worrying about taxes and think about your home value OR lack there of.....
Comment by Parkerbaby01 on March 7, 2017 at 10:43pm

I would strongly suggest that you formally advertise all future meetings so that the resident who will ultimately foot this bill may avail themselves.  My fear is that business will come off the tax roles and the borough will have a gaping hole in the budget, not to mention that the borough will be required to be a monetary donor to this adventure.  It is my opinion that this redevelopment of the downtown business district is not a good idea.  The quaintness of our town has been leaving in leaps and bounds and to take away more of the historic buildings/stores just adds to the loss of the original architectural design of this community.  Many, many questions to be answered.  If the one employee of Sora Northeast who recently moved into the borough will be on council, I believe it is a direct conflict of interest and he cannot take part on the discussions or vote on this issue at all. 

Please include the community, the H.A.R.B. and the Historical Society for input.

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