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Reply to HW Mr. Williams post - RP Boro Manger

Mr. Williams did I "attack" you or did I just call it like I see it?  You came to the council workshop and had two issues.  One was the lights and the other was the back- up beeper.  Mr. Verone said he would take care of both issues.  You then came back to the podium with more issues and finally admitted that you wanted his business to be removed and that it was illegal, or something to that affect.  I gave you an opinion that you didn't like, so I guess you call that an attack.   That is your choice and opinion.  You did say to me that you knew where I stood and that still holds true today.  Mr. Verone has every right to own and operate a business in the business area there along the tracks.  Let me give you the same advice that I gave Mrs. Kirsch the night of the workshop.  The Harper's have been fighting with Mr. Verone for years and you and others are being brought into that "Hatfield vs. McCoy" feud. <--No pun intended Howard!  When the borough receives emails from residents complaining about Mr. Verone's business and the Harper's lawyer is copied in on the emails, I do question the intent.  Call me cynical.  I am standing up for all residents of Ridley Park when I question the yearly dollars that are spent on lawyer and court fees over this propagated and intentional distraction (Hardware property) by the Harpers to fuel this feud.


In ending, Sue Murtha voted no and I declined to vote because I didn't agree with the process of hiring the manager, so all of council didn't agree on the hiring, just to make that clear.

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Comment by Kenneth Harper on March 26, 2012 at 3:34pm

Which Harper family are you talking about there are 3 different families with the same last name in Ridley Park.  I am one of them.

Comment by Barsuglia on March 26, 2012 at 1:25pm

I was wondering why the Harper's are permitted to keep a part of Ridley Park looking like a GHETTO? Seems to me tha the building looks like it should be condemmed.  It is obvious that this is nothing less than bad politics. I guess it's not what you know, but who you know!!!!!  



Comment by Howard McCoy on March 13, 2012 at 9:28am

One of the main goals of RPOL is to create new discussions in new ways and I'm glad that Jared and Anne K. found the time and the fitting place to give their point of view and to speak their mind; thank you for your conversation.

Your differing points surround a topic you are both interested and passionate about and there I see a solution for resolution - right here in RP!  The discussion that's referenced regarded light and noise pollution from Verone's collision that's immediately on the other side of the tracks from Mr. Williams'. From my observation, Mr Verone was very quick to respond about his light complaint and he repositioned them with ASAP diligence. That kind of prompt response and effort to quell his neighbor's light complaint might also evolve into his finding a solution with Mr. Williams and his neighbors complaints about the noise in the middle of the night...that would bring about a win-win situation for all parties.

As for the Hatfield's and McCoy feud reference it's fitting; thank you. The Harper/Verone thing goes back a long time and I'll have to pass on giving comment till another blog.

Comment by Anne Kirsch on March 12, 2012 at 9:26am

Mr. Brennan - not sure why you would tell me that, but you did tell me you did not know the man.  I did speak with you personally after the meeting, you were aware of our issues and you instructed Chris to take both mine and HW's contact information, which we gave to her.  


I'm not doing this.  I will not continue to go back and forth like this.  Council is aware of our issues.  There were several people in attendance that night who remember the events that took place that evening the way I do.  I'm done. 

Comment by Sandy on March 11, 2012 at 11:36pm

I have to agree with everyone Mr. Brennan. You are not very professional at all. You are suppose to be for the Ridley Park Residents and business. At meetings you interrupt people as they are talking, then the other person gets loader and loader, and by the time you people get done arguing, I have a headache and don't even remember what you all are talking about. Also, Mr. Berger, I don't know what you have against Sue Murtha, but you keep interupting her all the time, and not with a very nice voice. And I give her credit  because she comes right back at you and asks you to let her continue talking.You and Mr. Glen sit up there and whisper to each other. Very unprofessional. You all act like a bunch of children. Maybe because everybody up there is a Republican. We need to elect some Democrates next election. If you only realize how many people are talking about the council people this year. Shame on you.

Comment by Resident on March 11, 2012 at 10:40pm

Mr brennan PLEASE get ur facts correct,as you are way way off base here, I also was at that so called work shop and you did and also act very very foolish and you did "ATTACK" as HWis saying, also HW never left the podium as you think he did. And if you are a truecouncil person you would act more like a councilman and represent the Bourough like you should.it's a same that the residents of ridley Park have a person like you as a councilman.


Further more at the worshop you never even wanted to hear HWand that you were the one who wanted to blame everything on HomeDepot, ACME and the Harpers. But the disrespect you showed was uncalled for.  As I recall HW also said he has nothing against Verrones as a business, HW wanted the lights and the noise along with what is it a Impound lot or a Storage Lot dealt with and council has yet to do what they were suppose to do and as I recall it SET a meeting up...mmm another fact you did not remember until A Kisch remided you about.


And as a resident of Ridley Park I'm ashamed to have you as a councilman and the way you handle yourself to represent Ridley Park. ......So go ahead ATTACK me also like to Did HW.


Remember like A Kirsch More then one prson seen this at the workshop.......

Comment by Jared Brennan on March 10, 2012 at 7:51pm

Anne, with all due respect you are remembering history quite differently then what happened that night.  Mr. Williams did come to the podium at least twice that night.  Also, why would I ever tell you that I don't know Gino?  I know him very well and I invited him to the council work shop that night.  What gestures and mouth wording did I do?  Be specific.  My point to you after the meeting was the Gino was willing to do whatever it took to keep the peace.  Ever issue that was brought up, Gino addressed.  Also, why would you not bring your concerns to my attention when I approached you after the meeting?   Seems the person who I spoke to is different from the person who is writing online.   President Berger is supposed to set up a meeting with all concerned.  I will remind him and I'm sure everyone will be notified when that occurs.  One other statement to clear up.  The emails that I was referring to were sent previous to my being on council.  There may have been one sent when I first was elected.  All the business that is conducted on Verrone's property is within code and according to borough business ordinances.  If there are any violations, then they will be dealt with.  There were rulings made by judges, etc.. that may still be in litigation, but that doesn't mean that anything that Verrone's business is doing is out of ordinance or code.

Comment by Anne Kirsch on March 7, 2012 at 11:00am

Mr. Brennan - I see we like to rewrite history.  You and Mrs. Murtha clearly attacked HW when he was speaking at the podium - and he never left the podium.  It was witnessed by the other council members, minus Mr. Berger who was not in attendance at that particular workshop, and several people in the audience.  You also spent the majority of the time making jestures and mouthing words to Mr. Verone who was also in the audience.  Then tried reassuring me after the meeting that you don't know the man and that I should feel sorry for him because he always has to fight and appeal the zoning board for what he wants to do to improve his business.  During and after the meeting you promised personally to meet with us, to be able to work through our concerns for that property. You had Chris take our contact information to schedule that meeting.  You never contacted either of us.  Ever.  Mr. Verone is entitled to operate his busines within the laws and regulations for a business located within Ridley Park.  We have nothing against him as long as he does this.  The Harper property is another matter - are we happy with the way that looks and is being handled?  Absolutely not!  It's a ticking time bomb and should have been dealt with years ago. But that has nothing to do with Mr. Verone's business.  And we did not include Ms. Helen Harper's attorney on our emails, we don't know the man and you keep bringing this up.  Time everyone knows the truth.  He was added by someone other than us, by one of your council members.  We dropped him from our emails because we did not know who he was and did not care for the tone of his comments, we were corresponding with Mr. Berger and at times Mrs. Nasella who was the Borough Manager at the time.   We knew Ms. Harper's property/estate was appealing the application for an impoundment lot usage by Mr. Verone.  But we had nothing to do with that, that was instigated by her estate.  My understanding was that they were appealing because they share a common driveway.

Bottom line - Mr. Verone is not supposed to be now operating a storage facility! And that's exactly what is happening - there are 6 commercial passenger vans behind our houses, along with a large white box/work truck that have not moved in close to a year.  There's a boat and on any given day several cars and trucks.   He's not supposed to be back beyond the initially approved lot behind his current business structure/building - believe it was 90 feet by 120 feet.  He's well beyond that, he's all the way back behind Home Depot.  He has a fence that has barbed wire on it - not legal in RP.  He cut down trees to do this lot without alerting Borough Council or seeking permission or permits to do so - he did so on Saturday mornings early so as not to cause any attention to himself. We contacted the then Borough Manager to report this activity and the Borough Manager verified this for us.  He was given a permit to install the light poles and lighting that is currently on the lot behind our houses without paying prior offenses/violations.  Any resident would have been told to pay current fines before being given a new permit. 

You state he spends all this money on lawyer fees and appeals.  If he would operate within the Borough Zoning Codes he wouldn't have to.  If the zoning codes state you can have a shed of 100 square feet, he wants one that is 200 square feet - note the white storage shed next to his business.  He always wants something bigger and not necessarily better than what the codes state. 


I saw it for what it was - Mr. Harper was up for re-election and he saw us as a way to take on the "residents' concerns" and look good.  I get that.  He's not the first to do that and won't be the last.  Mr. Harper is related to the Harper Hardware family but he does not own it and therefore has no control over it.  We have been fighting Mr. Verone for years and without the aid of Mr. Harper.  He had applied to o

Comment by HW on March 5, 2012 at 6:02pm

First of all I never left the poduim, and that I'd like to Remind everybody that the way I was treated was observed by quite a few people at that workshop.  and  that the property is in Ridley Park, and that you tried to get off the subject by saying with the all the noise coming from the Home Depot & Acme. And that a fellow council peson stopped you and said I'm a resident and should be herd.  And I do also recall telling all there I have nothing against Mr. Verones Business at all. It's the late night noise thats a problem, the lights were changed the next day and are fine now.  As for being BROUGHT in to a so called fight, sorry we are resident with concerns like any other TAX payer.


As for Home Depot ...they are fine now, they do not use the forklift past the so called time and do go by the ridley township noise ord. We have no issues with Home Depot and also stated that at the workshop.


Also the zoning hearing board never mailed any notices to homeowners on E. Rodgers St.  Did they  notify the railroad company.  They are entitled to be notified also. So am i still wrong here,


As for the Harpers thats got nothing to do with me or anything I have said, and I have also never said anything with concern to Ridley Park and Harpers on going battle.


The bottom line is it's getting old the late night noise from a tow/roll back truck.



Comment by Kenneth Harper on March 5, 2012 at 11:54am

I don't have any problem with Mr. Verone.  You need to make clear which Harper family it is.

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