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Preliminary 2014 Ridley Park budget hikes taxes 4-5 percent

Ridley Park Borough Council Nov. 19 approved a 2014 preliminary budget with a possible four to five percent tax increase to meet estimated expenditures of $4.2 million. The current millage rate is 7.7 mills. The sewer fee is projected at $327 per dwelling unit and the trash fee, pending the awarding of a new trash contract, is $233 says the story filed by Barbara Ormsby for the DelCO News Network.

Council finance chairman Jim Glenn said the total assessment of the borough for 2014, according to figures from Delaware County Board of Assessment, is down by $600,000 from the current year. He also said the borough can expect less revenue next year from the real estate transfer tax because the number of houses sold in the community this past year is less than previous years.“ This is still a preliminary (budget),” Glenn said.

Council member Sue Murtha argued with Glenn over presentation of the preliminary budget, with Murtha contending that she was being asked to approve a budget that she had not had a chance to review before the council meeting. She said the presentation of the preliminary budget was not legal. Glenn said the preliminary budget will be available for review at the borough hall for the next 10 days and the figures in the document will be subjected to review. The figures could change before final adoption on Dec. 19.

Solicitor Ernie Angelos's opinion was the preliminary budget presentation at the meeting was legal. Murtha also questioned the awarding of an emergency contract for a new heater at the library because she said the contract went to a relative of a council member. Glenn said a relative of his does own the company, H & H Heating, but he has no connection with the company. He said H & H was the lowest responsible bidder for the heater at $8,000. On the advice of Angelos, Glenn abstained from voting when action on the heater contract came up toward the end of the council meeting. The vote was three to two, with Murtha and councilman Jared Brennan voting no and Glenn abstaining. Council member Samantha Snow was absent from the meeting. Although the vote was three to two with one abstention in favor of H & H Heating, council president Bob Berger called on Mayor Hank Eberle to cast a tie breaking vote. Eberle voted in favor of H & H.

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Comment by INFORMED RU on December 5, 2013 at 1:48pm
I was under the impression raising taxes was a democrat practice. I didn't see any hesitation from last month from the incumbent republicans to increase our taxes. They acted like it wasn't a big deal. didn't hear any conversation about maybe actually cutting expenses ! I suspect we are in for a % much higher then 5%. I guess Glenn's brother will cover his share of the increase in taxes considering the $ he makes of his brothers position.
Comment by tim devabey on November 22, 2013 at 8:45pm

Parker Maven and all,

"...rather than this nonsense."  Any hint of incompetency, lack of quality leadership, unethical behavior, or non-responsiveness in public meetings is a symptom of--and probably a reason for--a decline in community respect and participation.  This is the primary reason why our State has adopted a code of ethical behavior for elected officials: to counter the type of cynicism and pessimism you and others are projecting.   Watch the last four RP public meetings and see how you feel about it...    Respectfully,  Tim

Comment by Parker4life on November 22, 2013 at 8:30pm
Get rid of a police force , let's get rid off the fire dept and highway dept why were at it. There are plenty if other things to cut to help the budget. Some things are needed such as public safety.
Comment by tiga88 on November 22, 2013 at 6:48pm

of coarse they deserve more $ in their pockets, just like the us congress....by the way why couldn't the wood stove from the boro garage been installed in the library; i recon someone walked off w/that one

Comment by Parker Maven on November 22, 2013 at 6:10pm

Can anyone in the local Real Estate business like to explain why less houses were sold in the boro last year than previous years?  Was the inventory lower last year?  Regarding the heater for the library....I'd be curious to see all the bids that came in for the heater....if H & H was low bidder, why not?  I don't see anything wrong with this.  Maybe more time, energy and focus should be spent on how to make RP a community people are compelled to live in rather than this nonsense.  $8000 is cheap for a heater, anyone get one lately??  Also....we need a safe community and whether we want to pay for it or not, I like having a police presence here.  Eddystone and Prospect park are poor examples.....those communities are going down the tubes...hmmmmm wonder why??? 

Comment by Linda Smith on November 22, 2013 at 1:22pm
Also conflict of interest.
Comment by parkergirl on November 22, 2013 at 1:00pm

@Informed RU....the amazing part is that council never saw a problem with Jim Glenn's signature on H&H Heating checks. Really? As I understand there are 3 or 4 people on council that can sign checks. Jim Glenn should have excused himself from EVER signing a check for H&H. Common sense to me. Why that needs to be pointed out in a council meeting is amazing to me. Total lack of common sense where this borough council is concerned.

Comment by Linda Smith on November 22, 2013 at 12:37pm
Just heard from a resident that has his house for sale. 54 homes in RP for sale.
Comment by INFORMED RU on November 22, 2013 at 12:29pm
Wait a minute, Jim Glenn's brother owns HH heating? What would stop his brother from giving him cash under the table for getting all borough work? He is head of finance who receives all the bids, no? He could tell his brother how much other bids where and bid a $ less and get work! I smell criminal activity
Comment by John on November 22, 2013 at 12:22pm

How much are we getting for the billboard???? And still a 4-5% increase? 

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