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Jared's description about Borough Manager and the strong political influences of the Party leader and State rep. also apply to the School Boards in Del. County, including Ridley School District. How do you think that district administrators and teachers get hired, despite "sealed" files from previous employment by other school districts ?
The voting public need to demand transparency AND integrity from borough, school district, county, state, and national representatives - all politicians who represent them. Ridley Park was once a great town. Let's make it one again .....and then keep it that way.

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Comment by tim devabey on January 22, 2017 at 8:00pm

@Lynne Leach,

Wow, thanks for bringing it up!  Ignatiuk and wife both retired from the Ridley School district and took their PA funded school district pensions and moved out of PA to a State that funds public education by a means other than through TAX ON PRIVATE RESIDENCES. Governor Wolff "cleverly" sidestepped an attempt to replace taxing private homes as the way PA funds public education.  No PA citizen should be forced out of their home because of escalating school district tax. I think there are other comments about this on RPOL--do a search in the search box, upper right corner of the page.  Best Regards, Tim

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