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Police shooting and chase ends at Boeing

A five-mile police pursuit of a drug suspect, who allegedly tried to drive into the fence of a Delaware County prison, ended on Route 291 near Stewart Avenue just before 11AM Tuesday morning

The incident began as Chester Police police were tracking down a drug suspect in a suspicious car in Sun Village around 10:45AM.  At some point, the suspect was stopped, a stun gun was unsuccessfully deployed and the suspect tried to run down at least two police officers with his car.  Several police cruisers were smashed as the suspected tried to escape over-top of police officers causing officers to fire two shots; one of them striking the suspect in the shoulder. 

The suspect then drove for miles along Route 291 with Chester Police in pursuit until the suspects tires blew out in front of the Boeing facility.

The suspect, later identified as Brian Bowe of Wilmington, Delaware, is being treated at Crozer Chester Medical Center in Chester. The full story with video is from NBC 10 News

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