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Ridley Park Residents Petition State Representative and County Sheriff for Explanations

On Friday, November 3rd, a political attack ad was sent to residents of Ridley Park Borough accusing candidate Dane Collins of being an “Alt-Right Republican.” This attack included pictures of the candidates young daughter in multiple locations.

We are calling for an immediate explanation of this unfortunate decision by PA State Representative Nick Miccarelli (162nd Legislative District) and Sheriff Mary McFall Hopper (Delaware County, PA). In addition to her role as Sheriff, Ms. Hopper is also the Chairperson of the Ridley Park Republican Committee, and the attack ad was sent from her home address. Representative Miccarelli is running the borough candidates opposing Mr. Collins under his name, as “Team Miccarelli.”

We, the residents of Ridley Park Borough, believe there is no place in politics at any level for endangering the well being of an innocent child to further your own political interests, as the Republican Party of Ridley Park Borough, under the leadership of Sheriff McFall Hopper and Rep. Miccarelli seem to believe. This petition is being sent to all Delaware County residents.


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Comment by Linda Smith on November 6, 2017 at 12:54pm
Parkergirl, one correction Mary McFall is not the Chairperson of the Republican Party. I believe Mary is the Treasurer. Not sure who is Chairperson, Bob Boland or Carol Nasella.
Comment by Howard McCoy on November 6, 2017 at 12:38pm

@Joanne L I'm partially with you. But is the Sheriff up for election again?  I have no idea.  

On another level the level of attack ads and mud slinging are silly this year.  Sure the quality is better, but they are humorous when you consider they're sociologically qualifying as "horizontal violence" (Republican on Republican and Parker on Parker) hate mail. 

The photos in questions appear to be a thumbnail profile picture from a social website of Dane and his daughter (I guess since I don't know either).  For each posting the photograph is repeated.  Maybe poor judgement here for utilizing this picture over and over but I'm not the editor or the author.

I agree again; "one day prior to an election. Without a proper investigation into the origins of such an "attack"  sounds suspicions to me of politics when the petition is from anonymous source. Then again, I remember receiving a letter under the windshield of my car on election morning a few years back and it was horrendously political. 

On yet another election morning someone left a note on my windshield with two pennies attached and called it "Their Two Cents." 

None of this is good.  Praise for all of our candidates in both parties should come from all sides. Instead Ridley Park has divided itself into "mine," "ours" and "yours."  How can we change this? Lemme know, I know where there's a website devoted to anything Ridley park from anyone who wants to contribute...

Like you, I've been following along with the saga and not much is surprising to me anymore in our tiny little community...except since the start of RPOL, there been a nagging concern in the back of my mind that we all can do better.

Comment by Kenneth Harper on November 6, 2017 at 11:29am

Nick Miccarelli had asked Dane to run on the Republican ticket, why would he now be attacking Dane's family like this by using a photo of the child?  Really not fair to the child. 

Comment by Joanne Langguth on November 6, 2017 at 10:28am

I do agree that the use of pictures of a candidate's daughter went too far. I also believe this petition is politically motivated to discredit Sheriff Mary McFall Hopper one day prior to an election. Without a proper investigation into the origins of such an "attack", this is also an attempt to further certain candidates' political interests. Stop the mud slinging!

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