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The Comprehensive Plan (CP) is developed periodically, but indeed it is a living document, subject to frequent review and assessment.  This is not to say that it should change constantly, but if it has been developed with the right approach, perspective, and input, it provides a guiding light toward a prosperous future for our community.  We review it to confirm that we are aligning our efforts to its long term outcomes and impacts.  We assess it determine if the assumptions made in its formation still accurately reflect the natural, economic, and social environment.  We revise it when there is a significant gap between its stated goals and our stated goals.  And like the US constitution, we revise it with great care and collective contemplation.

With that as some preamble, open to commentary, and with the indulgence of Tim Devaney, I'll repeat his last post of today on a separate discussion post:

The "visioning" process you describe has taken place prior to the adoption by Council of the revised RP Comprehensive Plan a year ago.  Review the Plan; in the front it explains the process and the list of participants in the process.  If you compare the recent revision with the prior Plan(s), you can get a sense of the direction some people wish for Ridley Park.  Do you see it as a "good" future?  Do you see the Plan "correcting" problems of the past, or maybe causing more trouble?  Pay close attention for example to proposed zoning changes/re-classifications...    And "suggested funding methods" (aka tax increases)...

If there is a summary of the most recent changes to the CP, I believe that would provide a good basis for continued discussion and community engagement.  As we discuss topics and branch off in various direction, I propose that we label separate posts in a way that maintains their connection to some central, collective dialog on the CP process.  (This post or some other.)

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