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Nick Miccarelli Scared about November already

I saw the below post on Nick's Facebook page and when I replied to it, he had it deleted and removed.  So here is my reply that Nick didn't want you to see:

"Some councilors" on council as Nick proclaims:  Dan Broadhurst, Mike Gale, and myself voted for the 2017 budget, but what we wanted the residents to know was that there are concerns that are red flags to our "non- political" opinions. We never said the finances are in bad shape.  We know when we are borrowing from one year to pay bills in another, that this is not a sound financial practice.   Bill Stewart, our former Borough Mangaer, prepared the budget, not Glenn, Snow, Berger, and D'Alessio like Nick wants you to believe.  Nick and Bob Boland removed Bill because he was giving "ALL" councilors financial information that the other Stepford Councilors didn't want residents to see.  Jim Glenn announced in a public meeting that NO residents or other non financial committee councilors are invited to the finance and personnel meetings because, " We don't want our words taken out of context."  Is this an open and transparent approach to borough finances and personnel?  Bill gave any and all information when requested and this doesn't work in the Boland / Miccarelli political world.  What the public doesn't know won't hurt them, I guess is their motto. 

The auditors did mention that the borough of Ridley Park had a 38,000 dollar surplus AFTER the sale of the Taylor Hospital to a for profit company.  We received approximately 130,000 dollars from the sale; unforeseen revenue for the 2016 year.  I wonder where the additional 130k revenue will come from next year.  In December of 2016 the borough received 265k dollars from Aqua to finance the repair of streets for 2017.  The borough had to use the money to pay bills in December because the General Fund had insufficient funds.  We spent the Aqua money to pay for our 2016 short fall.  Now the money to repair the streets that Aqua tore up will now have to come from 2017 revenues.  Also, from October 2016 until January 2017 the borough STOPPED paying bills because our General Fund was depleted and near a zero balance.  We received "shut off" notices from some vendors and other vendors were calling daily asking when they would be paid, but the finance committee continued to have council vote to pay monthly bills, knowing that bills were being held due to insufficient funds.  In January when we received the Tax Anticipation Note, TAN, for 500k dollars, then the delinquent bills were paid.  We paid nearly 500k dollars in bills in January.  The entire TAN was used to pay delinquent bills, not to carry us over from January to March when we traditionally start receiving tax revenues.  Dan, Mike, and I are concerned that we are already in the hole 265k dollars and the money from the TAN to pay day to day bills to hold us over until March had been spent in January.  Does this alarm anyone else looking in from that outside or a tax payer in Ridley Park? 

I guess this year we just plan on additional revenue to appear like the sale of Taylor Hospital provided and we will be in good financial shape according to Nick.  If Aqua doesn't do work this year, then we won't have money to bail us out in December 2017.   I hope Nick is not on the State Finance Committee.  I wonder how many grants and monies Nick will secure for the towns he represents.  Does anyone know of any?  I do know he shows up for EVERY photo opportunity here in Ridley Park.  I cannot wait for November when the residents come to the polls and vote in councilors who care about Ridley Park and it's residents and not about those serving (blindly following, aka Stepford Councilors) politicians who are in office for themselves.

Thanks for deleting my reply back to your post on Facebook Nick, will be sure that everyone gets to read this.  Maybe you will be able to focus on your job as State Rep for your constituents and less time meddling in Ridley Park borough finances which you have a slanted delusional view of. 

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Comment by tim devabey on May 1, 2017 at 7:33pm


How much does the Borough net per year from the giant billboard erected with the approval of Council President Berger and Mayor Eberle in Hetzel Park?

Comment by Michael S. Taddei on May 1, 2017 at 10:09am
Comment by Kenneth Harper on April 25, 2017 at 10:23pm
Jared, how is the borough making payrolls?

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