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From Ridley Park to national television, the Mother's Day story of a 4th grade St James Regional School student has touched the lives of mom's and families across America. From NBS news comes this story of love and caring about mom on Mother's Day.

“My mom is really brave because five years ago, my dad was diagnosed with cancer,” wrote Erin, a 4th grade student at Saint James Regional School in Ridley Park. “Unfortunately, he got a really rare cancer and died on February 19, 2014. During that rough time, my mom stayed brave for me.”

Those words touched Marc Voci, as well. The owner of the Marc Voci Salon in Folsom, Pa. and creator of Style Me Hired was reading through essays written by students at Saint James, explaining why their moms deserved a free Mother’s Day makeover. Ever since he began the competition three years ago, Voci has gone through numerous essays. Yet few have touched him as much as Erin’s.

“I really believe in my heart that God brought us together to shine the light that she needs this weekend,” Voci said. “I just said to myself this would be a wonderful experience for Kathy on Mother’s Day. We would shine some light on her life and her children’s life.”

Kathy, who works full time and is a mother of two, was shocked when Voci knocked on her door on Saturday, announcing that she had won a free makeover thanks to her daughter’s winning essay. 

“I didn’t know she even entered anything,” Kathy said while laughing. “She usually can’t keep a secret from me.”

Kathy received a free makeover, lunch, Macy’s gift card, and flowers. Yet she was most grateful for her daughter’s words, which acknowledged her strength during a time of incredible hardship.

“My mom doesn’t need a makeover because she is beautiful just the way she is,” Erin wrote. “But she deserves one.”

Kathy held her daughter close after she finished reading her essay. “She’s amazing,” Kathy said. “Just like her dad.”

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Comment by Sandy on May 19, 2014 at 5:34pm

What a wonderful thing your daughter did for you. She loves you very much. My condolence to you and your family for your loss. God will be there looking out for you and your family. You will be in my prayers.!!

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