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Miccarelli withdraws from Pennsylvania primary - not seeking re-election

Five-term incumbent State Rep. Nick Miccarelli, R-162 of Ridley Park announced he is withdrawing from the Pennsylvania primary race and not seeking re-election to the House. (see full story)

“After much personal reflection and consultation with my family, staff and legislative colleagues, I have decided today to remove my name from the ballot for re-election to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, effective immediately,” the incumbent Republican said in a statement released by his spokesman, Frank Keel. “I am making this difficult decision at this time to afford my party the opportunity to designate a new Republican candidate to be placed on the ballot for the May 15th Primary Election."

The Iraq War veteran and five-term incumbent has been at the center of a firestorm for weeks since another state representative and a Harrisburg consultant filed a private complaint with House leaders alleging wrongdoing by Miccarelli in previous consensual relationships.

Miccarelli denied the allegations in the complaint. Both Republican House leadership and several Democrats, including Gov. Tom Wolf, had called on Miccarelli to resign his seat. Delaware County Republican's likely select a candidate to appear on the ballot for our May 15 primary election.

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Comment by tim devabey on October 29, 2018 at 2:43pm

Mary Hopper is running on the Republican Party ticket to fill our State Representative seat vacated by Nick Miccarelli. I have received several campaign fliers from the State Republican Party in Harrisburg bragging that Mary Hopper wants to "freeze property taxes for Seniors."  Can someone explain to her that would be selective taxation, age discrimination, and a campaign promise IMPOSSIBLE FOR HER TO DELIVER.     

Comment by tim devabey on May 14, 2018 at 1:54pm

@Linda S.,  I don't remember if Representative Miccarelli ever actually ran on both tickets simultaneously, but if you believe the newspapers, cross filing would count as the least of his offenses.

Lets talk about the likelihood of RUBBER STAMP CANDIDATES conducting RUBBER STAMP write in campaigns.  Of course since there is no official Republican Candidate for PA State Representative (the position abandoned by Nick Miccarelli), you can expect to have a RUBBER STAMP thrust at you at the polling place to "write in" a candidate who will then appear as the R Candidate in November's Election.  Maybe the D voters will also be requested to RUBBER STAMP a name in the write in window.  As Howard pointed out, the RUBBER STAMP plan is "justified" by the suggestion that a voter is too dumb or illiterate to correctly spell his chosen candidate's name--hence the "need" the hand him/her a RUBBER STAMP.  For example, if a voter wanted to vote for Mary Hopper and copied the spelling of her name from the campaign literature distributed last Fall by the Lippart Campaign, Mary's last name would be spelled "Hooper" as was Jack's reelection campaign finance person.  Unless "Mary Hooper" stepped up to claim her endorsement, this misspelling would not count as a vote for the real Republican Committee Person Mary Hopper.  

I can remember how to spell the names of Candidates worthy of my vote.  And I can only vote for a Candidate registered to the Party to which I am registered... As always, Donald, Mickey, Goofy, etal are not Party affiliates--they can be written in on either Party Machine, but why waste a vote?

Comment by Linda Shockley on May 14, 2018 at 11:11am

Tim, your examples of cross filing should include the biggest sinner: Nick Micarelli himself.

Comment by tim devabey on May 13, 2018 at 3:48pm

Secret Code for Voters:

It seems less than Democratic that PA allows Candidates for some public offices to CROSS FILE on more than one Party Ticket.  This practice should be ILLEGAL in PA as it is in other States.  But as it is, there is an important step Voters should take before voting in the Primary Election.  See who is running on BOTH PARTY TICKETS.  Voters may only vote in the Primary Election for a Candidate who is registered for your Party.  BUT some Candidates register on BOTH PARTY TICKETS and therefore appear as Candidates on BOTH the R voting machine and the D voting machine.  SO an innocent voter in front of his "Party Machine" on Election day may not realize that he/she is about to vote for a CROSS FILER who is depriving us of our Democratic process and freedom of choice by FILING ON BOTH PARTY TICKETS, i.e., CROSS FILING.  If a CROSS FILER gets the most votes, he/she then runs in NOVEMBER against NO ONE but his/her self!  So the November Election in such case becomes irrelevant.  And to make it worse, registered Independent Voters CAN'T VOTE in the MAY PRIMARY ELECTION.

Some local examples of notorious CROSS FILERS are District Justice Lippart, and ALL of the Ridley School District Board Members.

What can be done?  Regardless of how you may be registered to vote, get the list of Candidates for both the Democrat and Republican Parties and DON'T VOTE FOR ANY NAME THAT APPEARS ON BOTH PARTY SLATES. 

Next topic:  why are Independents and third Party Registrants excluded from voting in the May Primary Election?  

Comment by tim devabey on April 23, 2018 at 4:50pm


The "D" running for the 162 Legislative District, Dave Dallesso says he is a "Long time leader in Teamsters Union Active in County Politics for many years."  

I would like to hear more about his involvement in "County Politics."  It isn't made clear if he is talking about Delaware County or some other County.

I wish to be an informed voter.  Since I can't "Pick-Nick," I may have to "Hop on Hopper" or maybe consider going "Around the Bend with Glenn."

Like you point out, it will take but a small number of write in votes to launch our next R Candidate into the November election for Representative.  Place your bets; watch the ponies run.

Comment by Howard McCoy on April 22, 2018 at 7:07pm

@tim D - you're right, the Vote411.org site shows no R candidate. It's a small number of votes to be a write-in candidate when there's no one running for the office - the write-in winner only has to accept the nomination and file the necessary statements of financial interests with the Commonwealth - and viola, they're a star.

Most organized campaigns use rubber stamps these days to help the voter and to avoid misspellings. Misspellings or abbreviations can discard a write-in and give the vote to the misspelled or to the fictitious...Donald Duck always gets a few votes for president and so does the other person Donald L Duck...as an example.

The R with the most wrote-in's will then be on the ballot and that's a shame - there are many talented R's would could have replaced Nick on the ticket had they any idea in advance that Nick was backing out - this had to be a bombshell up and down Nick's food chain. 

Now that Nick's walked the plank - will the rest of his crew swim with the mermaids and visit Dave Jones locker where the fishes sleep?  We will see who sinks with Nick, who swims with the fishes, and who stays aboard with the new Captain.

Comment by tim devabey on April 19, 2018 at 1:59pm

...Not quite in time for the Rs to "designate a new Republican candidate" for the May Primary Election.

Your Voting Guide | Vote411.org

Check out the Vote411.org website to see who is on the ballot.

Mary Hopper will have to be written in by eligible R voters in the May Primary election to get on the November ballot.

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