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In response to State Representative Miccarelli's recent letter to all Ridley Park residents I want to say; "Mr. Miccarelli, stop meddling in Ridley Park Politics and do what you were supposed to be doing as our State Representative! Start securing monies for your constituents and stop taking credit for the sound barriers."

Nick, you continue to hide the Auditor's Report of the Borough's Budget that Ridley Park continues to overspend over a quarter of a millions dollars annually.  The borough was only in a surplus by the one-time sale of Taylor Hospital last year - a fact.  Credit goes to you for securing the $500,000 grant for street repairs while you are masking the fact of our $250,000 shortfall last year. 

FACT:  The $500,000 street repair grant must go towards street repairs and will not make the shortage go away.  Deceptive politics as usual from you. These are facts.

FACT:  All of council did vote for the budget that Bill Stewart provided to the borough, but we do NOT agree with deficits that continue to be ignored.  Bill Stewart did such a great job of preparing the budget. These are facts.

FACT:  BILL STEWART PREPARED the budget and NOT the Republican led council.  We approve the budget in December each year, and your Republican lead council spends and creates deficits. These are facts.

FACT:  No one in council thumbed their nose at Right-to-Know requests.  All emails were given to the Solicitor.  If they were not the Solicitor would make that statement.  You want to perpetuate another lie to the public. These are facts.

FACT:  Michele Dalessio and Jim Glenn have always gone above and beyond.  Jim Glenn secured his brother's company H & H the borough's maintenance contract and signed his brother’s paychecks for months until it was discovered. Michele Dalessio changed the borough's fee schedule and added an additional $300.00 cleaning fee each time the borough community room was cleaned.  Her husband directly benefits from the fee. These are facts.

Mr. Miccarelli be truthful.  Don't hide and make blanket statements without proof.  Tell us the facts about your donations from Anthony Tartaglia, our code enforcement, the electrical union IBEW 98 and the Bob Boland Fund.  Are these the facts and is that the kind of catering that you are talking about?  That is exactly why you are afraid of Councilman Dan Broadhurst.

Ridley Park residents: I WILL NEVER become one of the Stepford Children or a Puppet to Mr. Miccarelli, political donors or private agendas. These are facts.

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Comment by tim devabey on December 4, 2017 at 6:25pm


...One hump or two?

Comment by Kenneth Harper on December 4, 2017 at 4:57pm

@ Tim,

Dane will be a huge welcome to the Ridley Park Borough council, also being an attorney will help too. Looking forward to seeing our council get the sidewalk project on Hillside Road started soon. One more other item is for the Sellers Ave bridge project get the start date moved up. Don't know how much Mr. Miccarelli is helping on this. Does anyone know if he is going back to Israel for another camel ride?

Comment by tim devabey on December 2, 2017 at 1:26pm

On the eve of election day, I received a mailer telling me to "vote against" Dane Collins.  The mailer was from the Republican Committee, Mary Hopper, Carol Nasella, etal and claims Dane Collins "is an alt right Republican who is misleading voters to win an election."  The Republican Committee pointed out that Dane Collins is registered as a Republican, yet they recommended a vote against Dane Collins.  Will the "Republican Committee" now embrace Dane as one of their own, or will we have more disruptive Party Politics as usual?  And how do they define "alt right?"   

Comment by tim devabey on November 12, 2017 at 8:16pm

@Linda Shockley, Funny how the "Right" half of the Candidates were falling over one another to take credit for the sound barriers.  I was at a meeting in the Borough Hall several years ago when Ron Raymond presented the idea of shifting the barriers, which were not yet installed, from the I-95 ramp on Boeing side to the Stewart Avenue side, thus the present day "Cattle Chute" entrance to the Borough at Chester Pike.  Not such a swell idea, I think.

Funny though, none of the "Right" committee persons, Mayor or Councillors bragged about the ugly giant "Bergerboard" in Hetzel Park, or the Vinyl Sky that fell off onto the children's swings.  How much does that bring into the Borough?  Enough to make up for the deficit?

Comment by Jim McGowan on November 5, 2017 at 12:00am

Darn, I didn't even receive his mailing. Missing all the fun.

Comment by Charlie Maurone on November 4, 2017 at 9:48pm

Jared calls it as it is,  the truth is there...those in doubt, visit the Borough Hall and see those payouts

Comment by Maripat King on November 4, 2017 at 4:10pm

Well said Jared. Thank you.

Based on the Republican mailings I've received, I would expect the FBI to be chasing down Dan Broadhurst as Public Enemy #1!! All he  (and Mike Gale and you) have ever done is try to move the town forward in an honest, open way. Many thanks to the three of you.

Comment by Linda Shockley on November 4, 2017 at 1:00pm

Jared, I thought Nick M had something to do with the sound barriers. Thing is, they aren't at all effective at blocking sound; I lived on West Ridley, in sight of I95 & the sound of traffic was not reduced at all.

Comment by Parkergirl on November 4, 2017 at 8:51am
Nick M used a child in a political attack ad. That’s a new time low for this group. Kids are off limits. Like everything else this group has done this election, it’s offensive and disgusting. This will come back to bite them.
Comment by Jessica G on November 4, 2017 at 8:40am

His letter could have been used as an opportunity for diplomacy-a way to soothe some of the anger and divide resulting from the highly offensive mailings coming from his "team". 

Instead, he made it worse.  I assume tax-payers did not fund Mr. Miccarelli's mailing?

Regarding that last postcard from his team: Shame on you for calling someone "Alt Right".  Do you even know what that means? 

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