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This post will trail my journey as an emerging author in this community. Right now, my book Dancing Trees (children's picture book) is in the editing and layout phase(s). My hope is that with the support from all of you - this book will be available to children; not just in our community, but all over. Though, I realize that I cannot do this without your help. Once a galley copy is complete, I will begin getting myself and the book 'out there' in Ridley Park. More to come on this!

If you are also a local author/writer, please feel free to contact me jetty709@hotmail.com. Or view my blog on Agent Query http://web.services.leveragesoftware.com/rest/service.aspx?client=a...


Success! Feedback is already coming in from fellow writers; this is the encouragement I was seeking. Happy writing and reading in Ridley Park and all over.

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