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How to Personally Improve Ridley Park

There are a lot of things we can do to personally improve Ridley Park.  Sure, there's a lot of things we can do to improve Ridley Park, but the key word of that sentence is "personal; and what we're willing to put forth personally for the benefit of others in Ridley Park.  To start this conversation, here's a few of the suggestions of the activities I've enjoyed with my family.

We're a green town. Plant some flowers this summer by your mail box, in a container, or buy a hanging basket and hang it so passers-by can see it.

Get out in public. We're a safe, small, walk able town with local shopping, an award winning theater and local dining.  Walk and shop our local business district and support the Ridley Park Farmer's Market every Thursday.

We have our very own lake. Take a walk around The Lake, go fishing, chill out on a bench...it's Ridley Park..."the gateway to Eastlake Park."

In Ridley Park we just might have more sporting events then ESPN. With half a dozen baseball fields in our 1.2x1.2 miles and dozens of Ridley Park Athletic Club teams, there's always a local event. Watch a game, cheer, meet your neighbors and cheer together.

Volunteer time at The Library, the Fire Company, or join one of the half dozen or so Borough committees who help make the borough run; there's always a need for new blood.

And then there's RPOL. Pick a topic, write a blog, enter an event, upload a photo, submit a video, start a discussion and communicate with others.  There are a lot of things we can do to improve Ridley Park, the decision to act, well...that's personal.

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Comment by Linda Smith on June 27, 2013 at 4:01pm
Howard, while walking around our business district I noticed trash in the curb gutters, weeds growing in all of the flower beds and trash in the storm grates. What a wonderful business district we have but the trash and weeds make it looks like nobody cares. If the borough does not have time to take care if this, I suggest the Council should restart the Greens Committee with resident volunteers. Sorry to say that many lawns are overgrown and trashy, we need code to drive around town and give warnings to these homeowners or landlords.
Comment by bill and sharon daws on June 27, 2013 at 3:50pm

why can't 307 Sellers be cut every 2 weeks??? the lot brings ticks , fleas and every animal that runs,uses it as their bathroom and the guy with the white dog who walks him there lets it  to the bathroom and does not clean up after it

Comment by Michael on June 27, 2013 at 2:17pm
totally agree it begins with personal responsibility taking care of your property ,keeping a lookout as to what is happening in your part of neighborhood as well ,it would help if RP had its own code enforcement ,so many fines could be levied on my street in regards to parking ,property maintenance ,grass ,curfew violations etc. we are involved in RP community as far as supporting library,local businesses ,go to the lake etc ..
Comment by Jml on June 27, 2013 at 12:55pm

This post is great.  But I have a few ?s.  When / where was the lake cleanup announced?  How about a borough clean up?  I pick up trash on the side streets and along my walk on E. Hinkley, and you would be surprized what I find.  On Morton every day there are beer cans/ bottles.  I thought young and old would understand the refuge issues today.  Taylor hospital's lot is a mess. Seems I am mistaken.

Comment by Dump Trump on June 27, 2013 at 12:13pm

Taking care of your property should be a priority for all residents.  

Comment by Brian Gilmore on June 27, 2013 at 12:08pm

Thanks for the plug, I can't repeat it enough- join the Ridley Park Fire Company!  We are always looking for help, and not just with fighting fires- there's a lot of work to do on the administrative side, too.  Stop by our booth at the Farmer's Market, or stop up any Thursday night at 7 pm and speak to one of our members! 

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