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Graffiti vandals strike Rosemont Avenue Bridge

The Rosemont Avenue Bridge was defaced with black spray paint this week - again. The Borough's decades-old battle again aerosol spray painting on the bridge happens about four or five times a year.  The repaint and clean up every time is the Borough's financial responsibility.

This time the vandals were poorly skilled and poorly spelled and they didn't leave behind a bit of promising street art. And maybe that's the problem; if the color of the Rosemont Avenue Bridge is so visually unappealing that it needs to be regularly defaced, maybe offering up the bridge as a street art canvas could solve the issue.

Street art has appeal. It's no longer about scrawling on the walls with markers and spray paints, it's urban mural paintings, corporate artists, and small-fry designers with personal computers making big profits. 

I don't yet know why Ridley Park doesn't offer up their free space to street artists; maybe it will.   The results could be more pleasing then the vandals work this week, plus it might save Ridley Park's residents the wasted man hours it spends to defend the paint-and-paint-over battle ground on the Rosemont Avenue Bridge.

Anyone with information about this vandalism should contact Ridley Park Police, or Dial 911. Anyone with suggestions on how to solve this challenge should comment here, or contact your Borough Council member.

Photo's by Hailey King

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Comment by Paula on March 22, 2013 at 12:34pm

We need to catch whom ever is doing this, and make them repaint and alot more around this town, since they like to mess it up so much. Maybe they need to clean it back up. This is nuts that this keeps going on. I mean lets paint the bridge with chalkboard paint and give these people some chalk. Then they can get it out of their system and we can wash it away. I am so sick of seeing this bridge a mess. If it's not holes and falling apart it's a mess with the Graffiti. What will it take to make it a nice and safe bridge???

Comment by Judy on March 16, 2013 at 9:18pm

Now that it has been repainted, I would like to see something in place to prevent future incidents. I wouldn't mind "street art" but I don't think that's the answer here.  The camera and community watch might be helpful, but so would more police patrols at nights, especially as spring and summer approach.

Comment by jeanne frantz on March 8, 2013 at 3:16pm

Good conversation going on here.  For one thing, a camera  or other computer type watch would be good.  I know that all sorts of  "gatherings" go on at the bridge and have since my daughter was a safety in the 70's.  It could be part of  a "Drug Watch Program or Safety on  Way to School Grant.  Anti-Graffiti Paint sounds interesting.   For Ridley Park, I don't think it is appropriate and  I think I would cringe to see it. Love it in Phila.  but I think street art conflicts with out attempts to maintain a historical atmosphere.   Can you convince me otherwise.  

Comment by Howard McCoy on March 8, 2013 at 1:22pm

I'd agree that a camera there would help. The US is far behind the UK in utilizing CCTV.  It takes initiative and funding to buy, install, service, and monitor CCTV surveillance systems. And if you want a system with recoverable surveillance evidence, then you need a bigger storage space on your DVD for high resolution and more frames per second; so instead of one 72dpi picture every 30 seconds, you'd need a 300dpi photo every 2.5 seconds or 34,560 photos a day, or something like that.

I'd offer that local citizens are the answer. Using own computers and their own wifi systems, The "Digital Town Watch of Ridley Park" could watch our town for $60 a camera.  Once the units are installed, anyone can monitor the IP address.  You can buy wireless IP Internet Pan/Tilt Two-Way audio Cameras for less then $60 each.

Comment by Howard McCoy on March 8, 2013 at 1:03pm

Somebody's got the right idea

Comment by Kenneth Harper on March 8, 2013 at 1:03pm

Maybe if there was a camera at this location this would prevent this type of activity, also it would offer some clues about the person(s) doing this.  Anybody else here have any suggestions to help with this ongoing problem ?

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