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Good Riddance Mark Bascelli has left Ridley Park

Borough Council approved Mark Bascelli's buy-out retirement package this month and thankfully Ridley Park will no longer suffer with Mr Bascelli at Ridley Park Police Department, just as RPOL members no longer suffer with "Tom Park."

Bascelli's time at the helm of Ridley Park's police department was marked by his marriage to the "now-ex" Borough Manager and his controversial compensatory time off sources said, and Basscelli claimed accumulated time off and sick time. 

While it was initially difficult to hear anything negative about our fine police department and the men and women who keep Ridley Parker's safe at night, in a very short time, reports started surfacing about Bascelli acting irascible and intimidating and his behavior was spewing like a plague through the Ridley Park Police Department causing legal revolts by Ridley Park's finest against Bascelli. At the cost of ten's of thousands of dollars in legal fees for police on police squabbling, the tax paying citizens of Ridley Park should also be glad that Bascelli's no longer here. What we tax payers haven't learned yet, is the extend and the cost of Mr Bascelli's retirement package. All lips in the agreement are sealed by virtue of agreement and PA's Sunshine Laws don't apply to personnel matters.

 Mr Bascelli's been on paid medical leave side January 2015 and our Borough's paid the costs. Several sources close to the situation have said that similar communities all over America are facing troubles in the law enforcement retirement race as officers double and even triple their salaries by using departmental overtime in order to accumulate higher retirement pay. Until his retirement, Mr Bascilli did not have a signed, agreed upon contract, and he was as an employee entitled to overtime.

Members of RPOL, members of our community and peace officers who serve Ridley Park have told me they feel happier, safer, healthier, and have a better peace of mind knowing Mr Bascelli's retired from the police department.  I'd say, forget retirement, let me instead say thank you for leaving RPPD in a healthier state of mind with your absence, and thank you for taking what's been reported as a Draconian management style away with you.

Members of RPOL and several peace officers who serve Ridley Park have told me the Ridley Park Police Department is getting back to running smoothly again in the wake of Bascelli's absence, and everyone who talks to me wishes Mr Bascelli the best in a career away from Ridley Park and outside of peace keeping.

I never envisioned Mr Bascelli as an effective police officer, instead I saw him as an insecure/aggressive bully with a badge and a reason why the general public needs body cameras on police; and this Ridley Parker doesn't see these as outstanding qualities in any of our peace officers; especially one at the top.

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Comment by tim devabey on August 29, 2015 at 12:56pm

@kevin KOB,  You have asked "SOMEONE please tell me why Eberle gets re-elected every term?"  Evidently the Mayor's fondness for booze and the sporting life resonates with Ridley Park Voters?--just a hunch.

Comment by Howard McCoy on August 29, 2015 at 10:38am

@Parker4life: You did make me realize that one thing I have not said about Mark Bascelli, is that Mark Bascelli was a great cop when he was just a cop on the police force. It would be hard to find a dog that would hunt that hard.  Plenty of bad guys steered clear of Ridley Park because of Mark; and when they didn't, they were in for a surprise. I remember Bascelli in a car chase, the purp tried to run him over with a get away car, and Mark whipped out a shot with his revolver. None of these are things we want in our daily life and Mark lived them everyday for everyday of his career; for this he is commended for being a cop.  And my goodness yes, Mark was/is somebody who doesn't back away from trouble or troublemakers; not matter their size.

I believe that others saw these stellar qualities in Mark and they too thought that these skills would translate into exceptional management and leadership qualities as well: and they were wrong.  Squabbling, law suites, legal fees, and downright discord within our police department cost us tax payers tens of thousands of tax payers dollars right in front of our faces: and no one spoke out while the lawyers were having a field day with our tax money.

"Bascelli's time at the helm of Ridley Park's police department" is the focus of this blog, not his lifetime law enforcement career. Running a modern police department is more than police work; it's financial management, human resourcing, community building, arbitration, and peacekeeping.  What I did not readily acknowledge in my blog was that Mr Bascelli was good at police work.

Comment by Parker4life on August 29, 2015 at 10:21am
Mr McCoy. I have not attempted to cause trouble , I simply voiced my opinion about what I think of the retired chief. I also voiced my opinion of what I feel about your blog. You clearly don't want anyone stating anything positive on the topic which is probably why your blogs go on for days.
Comment by Howard McCoy on August 29, 2015 at 9:07am

Thank you Parker4life for agreeing. We know your Facebook sources. This is a secure network and you, like Tom Park are tracked by your IP addresses.

As you know, my facts about Mr Bascelli's circumstances are sound and you know my facts are nothing new.  You also know there's nothing revealing about what I've said and you know that all of the statements in my blog are very well known by everyone working in Borough Hall, the police department, and they're well know by those close to the source of this situation; like you.

Mr Bascelli's gone and our citizens are elated.  Mr Bascelli's gone and our Borough Councilors are relieved that this guy is history.  Literally dozens of people have called me since January and corroborated the most incredible stories about this mess; you know I am refraining from telling the most horrifically embarrassing stories - maybe someone else will let loose with a few of the choice ones that have happened recently. 

This ongoing fiasco has been an embarrassment to our Borough and everyone close to the situation was wringing their hands until it was over; you know that all too well.

I offer that you read the comments on Facebook and read what people are actually writing about Mr Bascelli. 16000 people had a chance to say something positive, something refreshing, and something supportive about Mr Bascelli and not one, except for you, said anything positive. 

Comment by Nina on August 29, 2015 at 7:43am
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Comment by Parker4life on August 29, 2015 at 3:32am
I agree. I don't doubt the numbers however the fact that you believe or think that the majority of people agree that Chief Bascelli was as you say , so bad or such a problem is just false. According to my Facebook sources people feel just the opposite. I do think though that if you are a "newspaper columnist " you should keep your personal opinions to yourself. I guess RPOL is not a "newspaper" though.
Comment by Parkergirl on August 28, 2015 at 6:50pm

@Howard...I never doubted the numbers.  I'm so impressed by the jump in numbers from yesterday! Trust me I've shared to FB and the amount of likes I've gotten and comments provided would astound you. Again, thanks for providing this service to the residents of Ridley Park and apparently beyond!

Comment by Howard McCoy on August 28, 2015 at 6:35pm

@Parkergirl: the RPOL views are correct.  Google Analytics tells the network admin that the heavy traffic is coming from the Facebook network where Facebooker's are "liking," "linking," "sharing" and adding "comments" on the story. When you look below the article and below the "Views" counter, you'll see the boxes (icons) where you can share, Tweet, use Google, or Facebook this story to another network. This allows anyone with a Facebook account to share this story with their Facebook friends.

RPOL's network recognizes Google, Twitter, and Facebook's networks and allows registered members from those networks to "sign-in" to RPOL using their account credentials from Google, Twitter, or Facebook. This cooperative network agreement allows members of other networks to seamlessly view, read, and include RPOL stories between networks.

So to answer your question: a denial of service attack and spamming the article have definitively been ruled out - the numbers are real  - Facebook is the source.

Comment by Parkergirl on August 28, 2015 at 5:31pm

Howard, is that number of views correct?! I know it has to be.  It was just at 9500 yesterday! Thank you for your service to our community and sharing this story. It has EXPLODED on social media.

Comment by Parker4life on August 28, 2015 at 4:31pm
Former councilor Brennan. I feel your insulting comments about welfare and mall security are unnecessary. But I do agree with you in thanking our chief. . The people who support and like our retired chief know they need not voice their concern. It's the negative people who need to constantly speak. Good luck in your upcoming election. I'm sure it will turn out as you expect.

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