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As I recall, a few years ago Borough Council revised Codes and hired a Code Enforcement team so that, as President Berger stated "now we can move on these properties." This meant the Borough has capability to correct "code violations" involving private properties, and Berger intended to make it happen.  That was then; this is now...

Check out the accompanying photo.  This is the first thing one sees as one enters the Borough on Swarthmore Ave.

How many "Code Violations" can you spot?  The garage behind the house has burned at least twice, requiring response from the RP Fire Department and Police.  The house side porch was crushed when a tree trimmer dropped part of the large Beech tree onto the house.  Two large "Landmark Trees" formerly at the entrance to Ridley Park are now gone forever: a Black Oak and a Beech. The Hardware Store building is not secure as windows and doors are missing or open.  Is our "Code Enforcement Team" on duty?  It doesn't appear to be. 

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Comment by Kenneth Harper on April 4, 2017 at 5:57pm
Tim, the property should be fenced off to keep the property secure. The type of fence that is used at construction sites. Not surprised by no fence being in place. No borough manager again, 3 managers in 5 years?

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