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Freedom of Speech REVOLKED by Socialist Council

Are we living in the USSR , circa 1970?  Our Council is now telling residents they can only speak for a certain length of time AND they are not allowed to ask questions.  Isn't that what Socialist countries tell their citizens?  What is so funny is that one of the Councilors is the same person who as a resident, a few years back, came to the council podium and DAMANDED answers about his section of the borough on a monthly basis:  Peyton Place;  I mean Kearney Place.  Yes, remember Jim Glenn demanding the engineer of the Borough to give him answers about the curbing, street paving, lights, retaining walls, and taxes on the new properties that were being constructed on Kearney Place? This is the same pompous, arrogant, person who sits up on his council seat and refuses to answer questions about a variety of concerns by residents.  I hope residents get a chance to watch the televised replay of the council meeting to see this attitude in action by Mr. Glenn.  Watch how he acts when confronted about issues, it's amazingly pompous!

Don't dare ask him about how the borough is paying his brother's company tens of thousands of dollars to do the maintenance plans and services for the borough buildings.  Jim was signing the checks that the borough was paying his brother's company with.   The Solicitor, finally advised Jim that he should not sign the checks last year.  Arrogant Jim told us last night, that he is "legal and compliant" with this matter.  I wonder if Jim knows what the phrase "conflict of interest" means?  Jim thinks that it is a legal term and if he believes he doesn't have a problem with it, then no one else should.  Paul Matus and Holly O'Mahoney ( Bob Boland's Daughter ) then tried to compare a cable contract that Dan Broadhurst's brother helped the borough receive to RECEIVE money from Comcast.  Here is the comparison:  Jim Glenn's brother receives money from the Borough AND Dan Broadhurst's brother helped the borough receive money.  Jim's brother is part owner and receives direct financial payments from Ridley Park.  Dan's brother works for Comcast as one of thousands of employees.  Jim is so above everyone else, that his view of a conflict of interest is completely different from yours and mine.  Jim's wife then made it a point to scold Dan Broadhurst after the council meeting last night for bringing up the H&H Plumbing and Heating contract and her husband's family perceived conflict of interest.  Amazing how the entire family believes it is entitled to certain "perks" if you are a sitting councilor.

There was a silver lining last night: Sam Meglino Snow spoke her voice , along with her husband in public comment.  I've always liked Sam and at times thought that her past voting made her look like one of the puppets to Bob Boland.  I'm sure Sam will hear backlash about it over the next few days.  Sam, keep doing the right thing and vote what you believe, not what Bob Boland and Nick Micarrelli tell you to vote.  Be careful, though, you saw what happened to Sue Murtha and me when we told Bob and Nick to go "pound sand".  Well, I might have said something a bit more provocative!  Don't worry because next election, there will be a wave of voters who are going to rid the borough of The Bob Boland and Nick Micarrelli dictatorship.  Voting to raise the fines for parking in the business district is going to hurt the business' economy , especially when construction starts on the bridge in 2015.  Paul Matus also lied to the public last night when he stated that at the Ridley Park Business Association meetings business owners agreed that raising the fines was the correct decision.  Did you notice Paul then made a subtle comment when he asked Shelly D'Alessio to agree with him?  Paul stated that RP Business Association meetings were held "whether some of the business owner's chose to come to the meeting or not".  Let's ask Paul to show the minutes from the Business Association meetings where this was discussed, and what business owner's were in attendance.  Were there enough members in attendance at the RPBA meeting to conduct a legal meeting?  Paul doesn't even have a business in Ridley Park that would be affected by any kind of increase in fines or back lash from patrons of the business' in Ridley Park due to these increases.  Paul (renter) doesn't pay taxes and is a sitting councilor and he is the President of the Ridley Park Business Association, but doesn't have a business in Ridley Park.  Talk about a lack of a vested interest in Ridley Park.  But his resume sure does look pretty!

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Comment by doglover4 on May 23, 2014 at 7:47pm

What an embarrassment our elected officials must look like to the rest of the county. Maybe our council will be concerned that RP "business" is no longer just in RP...it's now gotten out to the surrounding borough, twps. and to the county seat how this current council operates. RP has become a regular in the Daily Times and Town Talk. MAYBE now they'll start to care. It's awful that they are probably more concerned about their reputation than the voices of the RP residents. Lifetime politicians they WON"T be...not if the residents have anything to do with it.

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