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On the eve of election day we ponder who we should elect to serve the residents of Ridley Park.

We have seen and received a lot of literature on the sitting Councilors  Bob Berger and Samantha Snow.  I have been working with them for the past  3 1/2 years. They are very deceptive people. Berger has been sitting on the Zoning committee, attended the bill board hearings and yet not updated the people of Ridley Park. Workshops are a sham! If you look at the various boards such as zoning and planning they are stacked with puppets who do not have the insight to preserve the quaintness of Ridley Park.


Berger and Snow are not here to serve you as witnessed with this Billboard fiasco. They did not care that you were hijacked and highly upset.  After the power point presentation Berger and Snow  wanted to make a task force to move forward, no talk of the past! The damage is done-that was evident in their choice of Counsel to represent the Borough. Berger and Snow have no intention of trying to move this billboard. They also waived all fees for the multi-million dollar company installing the billboard. That could have been a nice little income. Yet they charge the residents for their permit fees. They are puppets of Nick Miccarelli and Bob Boland.  What are they getting out of this?? Future Jobs??


 We also have Michelle Dalessio who is an independent contractor and cleans for the Borough bringing in close to $800 per month. She is having her first child this month (Congratulations).  Will she have time to serve the people or will they replace her with a past Councilor who would not win another election?


Soon we can rename the Borough of Ridley Park Kearney Place. Mr. Knowles is a neighbor of Jim Glenn and Bob Boland. They can continue to have meetings right there.  Where is our representation??


Our Mayor---truly deceptive and arrogant as he tells you YES I did sign that paperwork! Get him out!


Nick Miccarelli, our absentee State Representative, has been MIA during this whole Billboard fiasco. Bob Boland is no longer sitting in the front row of Council Meetings . Where have they disappeared to? They try to tell us our finances are in good shape-they are fooling you. There will be a large tax increase if they win their election bid. It is now November 3rd and NO Budget has been introduced. For those unaware the preliminary budget needs to be passed at the November meeting...two (2) weeks.


We have an absentee, out of state clerk, with NO financial experience meeting with Bob Boland at the Stargate Diner running Borough politics behind the scenes. It was even recommended by our auditor that the office needs additional training Who was he referring to? Our clerks have been here for numerous years  without a problem. Is this what we want to pay her for...Yet Berger and Snow continue to support her.

Our Borough is in poor hands!!


I am asking you to think hard and carefully who you want to serve you for the next four years. I know that I cannot support the republican crew that is ruining our town.




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Comment by Suzanne Murtha on November 6, 2013 at 7:40am

Dawn (Tom), Dan Broadhurst will make an excellent councilman.

Comment by Suzanne Murtha on November 5, 2013 at 7:44pm

Well, I just exercised my right to vote! I was amazed that at the poling place...Dan Dalessio actually criticized a 65 year old poll worker and called her cross eyed. Proof that bullying still exists! Since Boland is a convicted felon for the same type of activity he did not participate but continues to pay his workers for the like. Dan is not only on the Borough payroll for cleaning but he is on the Republican parties payroll for delivering late night voter propaganda. It was so nice to see our absentee and out of town State representative present to witness such events without even stating a word. What has America come to??


Comment by Suzanne Murtha on November 5, 2013 at 2:00pm

Apparently the Ridley Park Republicans headed by the "chairman" Bob Boland are in the sign business. Not only are they placing signs without the knowledge of Hetzel Park residents, they are now placing their signs on the property of Howard McCoy. They are claiming it is a driveway. They were requested to take them down and refused. Charlie Marone was taking picting pictures and told by Boland that he was not allowed. We are now living under the HITLER regime. Residents we need to vote Berger, Snow, Dalessio and Bolands neighbor Knows OUT!! Get out and vote!!

Comment by Suzanne Murtha on November 5, 2013 at 1:37pm

That is the TRUTH!!

Get out and VOTE!

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