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What an absolute disgrace was displayed last night at the council meeting.  I am embarrassed to be a Republican, but more importantly a resident.  The Jerry Springer mentality that has taken over members of committees and council members is despicable.  Committee people lying and making false accusations, childishly slamming doors to make statements, and causing an immature scene were the norm last night at the council meeting.  Please know this is your Republican Party in Ridley Park.  It is not the Republican Party that I want to be associated with.  Maybe it is time to find true leaders and remove the dictatorship that has the Republican Party of Ridley Park held hostage.  I know there are good honest people who could bring back civility to replace this dysfunctional collection of people. I’ve always said that a group’s behavior is a direct reflection of its leadership, or lack of it.  The State Representative Nick Miccarelli is a vindictive and cowardly person.  Instead of bringing the borough of Ridley Park and other towns of the 162nd District money and leadership, he continues to meddle in the borough’s political business like a dictator.  He has a whipping boy and puppets on council who continue to conduct all of his dirty political antics of revenge against anyone who disagrees with his view.  Can someone please tell me what positive things has Nick Miccarelli done for the borough of Ridley Park?   Please don’t insult our intelligence and tell us, “the sound barriers”.  He is merely the “Curator” for that project.  How about some grant money?  We needed the lake cleaned up, the fountain replaced, and some new highway equipment just to name a few things.  All I keep hearing is Nick is working on it.  It has now been two years since Nick has returned home from Iraq and NOTHING is getting done.  He will show up for photo opportunities here in town, but never follows up when a borough need is requested of him.  Ask some of the business owners who’ve asked for assistance only to be told he will get back to them, and never does. The truth is: he is only looking out for his next political career move and how he can silence opposition.

His most recent act of cowardice was displayed last night at the end of the monthly borough council meeting.  Five of his “puppet” councilors staged a motion to remove Charlie Marone’s calendar from the borough and then gave the borough calendar project to someone outside of Ridley Park. So much for loyalty to Ridley Park residents who support the town while making a living.  Mr. Miccarelli has been systematically “black listing” Charlie.  He has been contacting other political leaders and demanding that they use Nick for their advertising and not chose Charlie who has done their advertising work in the past.  Is this what we want our State representative to be spending his time doing?  Five coordinated Republican Councilors displayed a brave and courageous show of support for Nick’s vindictive action.  I hope they are proud of their accomplishment last night.

Charlie Maurone, editor of Ridley News, has been in Nick’s cross hairs for a few months now.  Charlie supported the petition for the bridge that Sue Murtha and I started at the request of the business owners.  The day after we had a town meeting at the intersection next to the bridge in the business district, Nick’s “Community Letter” about the bridge hit our mailboxes. How ironic!  It was an effort to show “he” is in charge and in control, the dictator.  Obviously disingenuous, the letter had glaring errors about who his office was supposedly working with, Amtrak or Penn Dot.  No sincerity or effort to tell the truth, only another opportunity to deceive the public.  Soon after our Mayor anointed himself, with Nick’s blessing, to be the bridge authority.  The result is no new information being obtained and only political-posturing meetings taking place.  I guess he forgets how wonderful Charlie was when he was running for office in past elections. 


There are other people who are in his line of cowardly weak fire. He has tried in vain to discredit me since last December 2011 when I questioned his leadership in a private email.  Nick’s response was to have Republican leader Bob Boland tell me that my committees would be changed and then the group of Republicans tried to make me disappear by moving my seat on council and taking away the title of President Pro Tempore.  My leadership is from within so I don’t need someone to label or give me a title to define who I am.  Remember the milk carton joke about me being missing from the January “non-quorum” council meeting?  It was aimed at Mr. Miccarelli and Mr. Boland who continue to lie and back stab people with their perceived leadership.  I think they are helping my election percentages for next year.  Amazing how honesty and sincerity project to the public.

This year Nick is running unopposed so I guess he doesn’t need help from Charlie to get his pictures out in public.  The truth is Nick had to place his name on the Democratic ballot because he pissed off several surrounding republican communities (Ridley Township and Collingdale, to name a few) by voting Ridley Park, forgive me, HIMSELF to become part of Springfield’s district.  When the redistricting was negated by a court order, Nick had to go back to the republican districts that he voted against, so he cross-registered to assure his re-election.  Now he states he is a candidate for all people, unless you are standing in his career path.  His calculated vote for redistricting was not for the Republican Party or Ridley Park, but for his next political career move.  The State Senator for that district is soon to retire and Nick thinks it is his seat in waiting.  Several Republican leaders throughout Delaware County that I’ve spoken to about this “plan” have stated to me in a laughing tone, tell him, “Get in line Nick”

My suggestion would be for Nick to move to that town and leave Ridley Park and stop using us for personal political gain.  If you are not going to lead the borough, then leave the borough.  In closing I would like to say am an NOT voting for Mr. Miccarelli next month and I would like to suggest that anyone who agrees with me to make a statement on Election Day.  You can write in a name for State Representative and I’d like to suggest:   Charlie Maurone

Nick continues to try to remove Charlie from the picture, let’s make sure he sees and hears Charlie’s name on Election Day.

Jared Brennan

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Comment by Kenneth Harper on December 15, 2012 at 2:52pm

Anybody else receive today's e-mail from the Ridley News??

Comment by Charlie Maurone on November 17, 2012 at 2:48pm
Thank you Mr. Atwell, enjoy your spectacular photos on Ridley Park On Line., Your photo of Sunset at Ridley Park Lake will appear as the cover photo in our Ridley Park Calendar, 2013, we are publishing, and the calendar will be distributed FREE to all our residents the week after Christmas,
Comment by Sandy on November 17, 2012 at 10:56am

I don't know what your talking about when you say Nick is trying to help his town back home while placing his life in danger everyday.  Nick is either here in Ridley Park or Harrisburg. He is not over in Iraq or Bosnia fighting. I think you should get your facts right before voicing your opinon.


Comment by Sandy on November 16, 2012 at 8:57pm

Ken, I think Berger ought to resign as of Dec. 31st and have Jared Brennan as Council President.

Comment by Kenneth Harper on November 16, 2012 at 2:33pm

Thanks Jared for bringing more transparency to "our borough" government.

Comment by Howard McCoy on October 20, 2012 at 7:36am

Ridley Park...a community with an unofficial website and an unofficial Borough Calendar :-)

Comment by Charlie Maurone on October 19, 2012 at 9:46pm

Jared, thank you for bringing a serious situation, the control of our local government by the few, to a forum where everyone can participate, RPOL. Even though 5 members of this current council voted to bring in another calendar, a point to which  I do not object. Everyone has the right to participate. The lies by Glenn are reprehensible; his saying I made a statement that I would not do the calendar if the Borough did not deliver it, was never made.

The Borough has generous coverage for FREE in the yearly calendar. They did pay for a full page ad a few years back, through a sewer fund disbursement,  as did another Municipality for which I had prepared a calendar. Funds were given to the Boroughs and Townships to highlight that particular year's changes. Holly Boland O'Mahoney is completly wrong when she condemns the Ridley NEWS for the posting of event errors. Those dates in the calendar are provided by Ridley Park Council. The proof of the calendar is reviewed by the Ridley Park Manager before a final print is sent out. They have had my calendar proof for 2013 since September.  To launch a tirade at the last minute, in a public meeting at the end of the year, mid October,  without anyone who voted for the outsider to run an "official calendar"  to inform my company of this action, shows total vindictiveness having a different mission than the Ridley Park calendar that we have always published. Full of color, pictures and events always on time.  I would like to remind these 4 new councilors that cast a vote against me,  the time prior to the Ridley NEWS publishing the Ridley Park Calendar,  the borough never distributed their calendar on time. Residents would wait till the new year,  end of January or as late as February for their calendars. The Borough charged the ad money back

then and all of us who advertised in the early months, demanded and received our money back.


Our calendar will publish, it is full of great photos. I want to thank all who called and emailed me; many volunteered to distribute the calendar door to door to their neighbors. We have dedicated the 2013 calendar as the year of our Veterans and you will see many great photos of past and present men and women who served.


The most important area, Jared Brennan makes the point, is the current leadership-totally inept. From the first call of council business to reorganize in January, where a quorum was not present, Berger proceeded with only himself and Snow to have the Mayor set that meeting in motion. By law every appointment made from the Solicitor, Engineer, Manager, to Berger as being president of council is in violation.

These items will be conveyed with photos, rules and regulations to all of Ridley Park's residents in the months ahead.  Ridley Park is a great town,  maybe a derailment once in awhile, but the good people will get it back on track.  Your comments are invited, if you want to email me to avoid intimidation, ridleynews@comcast.net    One final note to Paul Mattus, your introduction of this motion to go outside our Borough for prnting and publication of our Ridley Park calendar needs

to be brought in front of the Ridley Park Business Association as you serve as Vice-Chairman, a position for which I nominated you, and now call for your resignation as you are not working in the best interests of our business community, and in my judgement for the Borough of Ridley Park.

Comment by Howard McCoy on October 19, 2012 at 5:30pm

Ridley Park is ahead of a lot of Borough's our size and we have many attributes to be thankful for, The Lake, our Central Business District, local schools, and a small town atmosphere where youth gangs are unheard of and pedestrians can safely walk the streets at night. That's not the case in 3 miles from here, either north or south on Rt 13 (Chester Pike). The problem is a small group has hijacked the cockpit and they're running the show their way. That means the real power is being controlled behind a veil of secrecy, by a privileged few, who believe they know what's best for Ridley Park.

It's not gone without notice that no one from Main Streets has contributed to RPOL. Several Mainstreets members are also RPOL members and they are the same members who are involved with the alleged tampering of the....

If I was doing all I could to promote my event, and if I was doing all I could to include the entire community, I'd reach out to everyone possible and tat would include RPOL; if it were me.  However that's not been the case with the MainStreets organizers or the ones who have hijacked the cockpit.

With nearly 1000 members on RPOL, Mainstreets and their organizers are failing to do all they can to reach Ridley Parkers - and it's the same people who are making a mockery of our Borough Council.  There are the same rogue members on the telecommunications committee that was reported in the Daily Times this week for allegedly tampering with the Borough's TV broadcast.

I once believed that Bob Berger could be a strong enough leader to distance himself from the small town politics and do what's right for Ridley Park, but Jared's shed the light on the reasons I had to lowered my expectations.  Now we're getting small town and thank you Jared for acting like a Parker and putting out what's best for Ridley Park. It's great to read what's been going on in the cockpit.

Comment by John on October 19, 2012 at 4:47pm

At least most of this council on RP should just give up and resign, they are never for the residents and I agree Mr. Berger is a lousy RP PRESIDENT. They are the most unproffessonal group that RP has had, And Mr. Glenn is the most arrogant person on council does he think he is KING ...don't think so. I also do hope that the residents of RP see all this and Read on RPOL of whats is being said. This council has done nothing in my book, oh my bad...they show up for pictures   when needed other then that NEED TO GO. Council also should know that the calander was just fine and there was no reason to vote for another one. Did everyone also have their hand out for that to......

Comment by Sandy on October 19, 2012 at 2:20pm

Ken, I think they said 1,200 which probably will be more after the last meeting.

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