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Council Member at Loggerheads with Ridley Park Resident

Ridley Park Council vice president Jim Glenn and Pomeroy Street resident Andy Furman clashed at council's April 15 meeting over the protocol for the public comment portion of the meeting. DelCoTimes correspondent Barbara Ormsby was there and she files this account.

Glenn told Furman public comment was just that, public comment, and not a time to ask questions of council members. Glenn said Furman should forward his questions to the appropriate person on council and limit his time at the lectern to comments.

“This is not the Andy Furman Show,” Glenn said.

Furman countered by saying a number of residents have come up to him and thanked him for asking questions during the public comment portion of the meeting. He continued to press council on matters such as whether or not quarterly payments have been made to the borough by Lamar Advetising for the billboard in Hetzel Park, leasing a police car rather than purchase it outright, and when specific streets are going to be repaved.

“I think the residents appreciate this information,” Furman said.

Before the Glenn-Furman dispute, Glenn asked others who spoke during public comment if they had addressed any of their questions during the month. He said council tries to be courteous during the public comment.

“But it seems some people only wait until the TV cameras are on,” Glenn said.

In related matters, borough manager Dawn Marie Human said the borough is developing the street paving schedule now, and council approved the purchase of a 2013 Dodge Charger police car and municipal financing through Ally Municipal Lease in the amount of $26,491. The 4-year lease calls for annual payments of $7,298.

Council approved the appointment of former council member Chauncey Scarborough to the recreation board, and named Nicholas Digregorio to the junior councilor position.

Councilwoman Samantha Snow said Digregorio is a junior at Ridley High School who wants to give back to his community, and is interested in the legislative process. Junior council members serve one year in that post.

In another matter, Glenn told residents of the Hetzel Park neighborhood that the harsh winter weather caused clean-up efforts at the park to be behind schedule this spring.

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Comment by Kenneth Harper on April 20, 2014 at 10:46pm

"CHAIRMAN" won't show up at anymore council meetings.  Too busy for RP residents now.

Comment by Jared Brennan on April 20, 2014 at 7:42pm

Jim Glenn is the most pompous arrogant and ignorant councilor I've ever seen or been on council with.  He has this arrogance about himself that he makes the rules and interprets the rules and laws.  To say that "Public Comment" is literally public comment is perfectly inline with Jim's thinking.  I used to ask him questions about his committees and he would reply, " I don't speak to you because my answers end up on social media".  Wow Jim that is EXACTLY correct!  I'm surprised that Jim thought of that all by himself.  You're a public figure and everything you say is public record and should be on social media.  Why does this council continue to hide, deflect, and make up rules about how residents are to communicate with them?  The reason is simple.  The Republican Party Leader, Bob Boland, has always told them what to say and how to say it.  They cannot function on their own in a public setting without being given talking points or responses to say when questioned about public information.  Just watch a council meeting on television.  They look immediately over to Ernie, the Solicitor when a tough question is asked of them.  Don't try to watch the replay of a council meeting after one of the councilors makes a rude or embarrassing statement, because magically the audio of the replay will not be working.  I have Verizon Fios and tried to listen to this month's council meeting only to notice the audio is not working.  What a surprise. This council is a joke and an embarrassment to Ridley Park.  I think Jim Glenn should resign if he can't answer questions from those who voted him into council.  I'll bet that Jim Glenn will have work and will not show up for the May Council meeting.  I'm sure there was an Executive Session after Jim's comment about Public Comment and the Solicitor told him, he is completely wrong.  Jim hides from the public scrutiny of his committee obligations.  Last year he was head of Finance, and never showed up to a televised meeting about the passing of the budget.  I plan on coming up to the microphone and asking him to answer questions about the laws and conduct of council under the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs Code.  I'm sure it will be a sarcastic and childish remark by one of the responding council members to deflect giving answers.  Maybe Bob Boland can come to council meetings and give "his boys sitting in the back row" cue cards so that Jim Glenn can answer the hard questions?

Comment by Sandy on April 20, 2014 at 1:02pm

correction in my writing.

If we don't have someone like him, we will never know about whats going on.

Comment by Sandy on April 20, 2014 at 12:48pm

This is to everyone. My own personal opinion of Andy is, he is the only one at the meeting who is not afraid to ask a questions. If you take notice, the Council doesn't really answer any of his questions. When he asks a question, every one on Council looks at each other. Hmmm....does anyone know what the answer is. Andy finds out and asks questions that some of us don't even know anything about. If we don't have someone like him we will never know about him. Like he stated, why is the Aqua money going into the General Fund. That is not the place to put that money. It should go for the road paving, etc. etc. People give us money for a certain project and it goes elsewhere. I never knew the Council was buying some kind of machine for 55,000. If people like Andy doesn't ask, would you know about these things. I say let him alone and let him ask the questions. I like seeing Bob Berger hammer his gavel on the table and watch his blood pressure go up. I love hearing the loud big mouth of JIM GLEN, who is the most obnoxious human being I have ever seen. He has to be removed, along with most of the other council members. Anyway, people probably won't like what I just wrote, but I can't help that, it's the way I feel. So everyone have a very Happy Easter and enjoy your day.

Comment by Parkermom on April 19, 2014 at 5:49pm
Doglover4 I don't know Tom Park just like I don't know you but what I do know is you're a bully. I said nothing mean to you to warrant you telling me to put a sock in my mouth (which infringes upon my freedom of speech). I am not playing any games - I voiced my opinion about Mr. Furman, plain and simple. I very rarely comment on this site but have read whenever someone voices their opinion that is different than that of the "usual" commenters here, they are ripped to shreds - not very nice and so one sided.
Comment by doglover4 on April 19, 2014 at 12:14pm

Parkermom - I believe you would be wrong. I don't know who parkergirl is. I looked at their profile and I don't know who that person is. But in looking back at posts we do agree on some things. I agree on other peoples posts as well. Maybe some of the people that agree with Mr. Furman just don't have the time to attend every meeting...work schedules, family obligations, bad weather etc. I do believe Mr. Furman when he states that people have come to him to thank him for being the voice for many RP residents. You and your buddy Tom p can gloat all you want for now and play these games that you seem to enjoy. I think Tom p should take a members advice and put a sock in it. Maybe we can find a matching pair, one for you and one for Tom p. Time will tell just how fed up RP residents are of the current council.

Comment by Parkermom on April 19, 2014 at 11:46am
Just went back and read through many parkergirl and doglover4 posts. I believe doglover4 is the same person as parkergirl. Just saying. Why are you so angry? As I said if people are telling Mr. Furman what to say - they should be the one standing at the podium - not him.
Happy Easter Everyone!
Comment by doglover4 on April 18, 2014 at 9:05pm

@Tom Park. Based on what I've read on this site, you appear to be the rudest person of all. You are the one who seems sarcastic and rude. While there may be some personal attacks on here, you bring it to a new low. Look up sarcastic, rude and condescending in the dictionary, it's likely you'll see most of the council members faces or names there. Which based on what I've read here, is probably one of your pics. You may have people guessing who you are, but it's not hard to figure out that you're here to do damage control because you are either a council member or someone on a committee. You act so superior to everyone else on this site...that's the trademark of a council member. Someone getting behind on their taxes is their personal business, maybe there were employment or health issues, etc. That's like comparing apples to oranges when you compare RPSC to a personal issue regarding taxes. The RPSC taxes that are owed are members money that they're  playing with. Maybe you should look up some council members who have liens on their homes or arrest records or judgements against them. Don't go pointing the fingers at others.

@Parkermom. Why does Andy Furman need to live near HP to care? He's a RP resident. Seems to me like everyone should care and very little do, that's why council gets away with what it does. In my opinion, Andy Furman is motivated by doing the right thing.

Comment by Parkermom on April 18, 2014 at 4:39pm
I watched and Mr. Furman was not polite. I thought he was very condescending. It's the same thing with him every month. Give mr. Gale a chance at the mike Mr. Furman needs to sit down for once. He doesn't live anywhere near HP but takes up people who do live there times. He says other people want to know - where are they? Why don't they come themselves to not only the council meeting but workshop also? I seriously question this man's motives for getting up each and every month and spending 20-30 minuted on camera
Comment by Nina on April 18, 2014 at 1:26pm

Many of us residents watch council meetings on TV to find out what is going on in town. IF, as Councilor Glenn suggested,  council only answers questions privately to one person, how will all the rest of us find out what's happening?  Mr. Furman  to his credit remained polite, calm and respectful all thru this discussion. Can't say the same for some councilors

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