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When I was a public official in my last hometown, I used to publish any comments that I wrote out (though I usually embellish when they are spoken).  Here are my written comments from last Wednesday's Council meeting:

I want to thank Mr. Catania for the chance to discuss the ongoing project to replace the bridge over the creek along Hillside Road.  That project includes an examination of a sidewalk along the south side of Hillside, which is depicted on the draft planning documents recently published by PennDOT on the internet in mid April.  When I asked Mr. Catania about the width of the land between the creek and Hillside, and the apparent lack of width needed to place the sidewalk per the draft plan, he indicated that a safety review would be conducted and if the wall of the creek needed to be modified, it would be considered at that review.  As the strength and safety of that creek wall is of critical interest to Hillside residents, I hope we'll be kept informed of the results of that safety review.  Again, my thanks to Mr. Catania.

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Comment by Jim Butt on May 27, 2015 at 8:43pm
I was just told that the title of this post was not clear. My comments are about the bridge from Hillside over the creek.
Comment by tim devabey on May 27, 2015 at 1:25pm


Thanks for making this info available.  One detail that stands out is the new sidewalks proposed are FIVE FEET WIDE.  Where does that dimension come from?  The standard in the Borough and I believe in the ADA compliance requirements is FOUR FOOT WIDE sidewalks.  Also, the Borough Code requires that sidewalks be installed by the adjacent property owner.  Will this project install sidewalks along Hillside where there are presently no sidewalks?  Is the North side at the upper (West) end of Hillside adjacent to the CSX RR within the project scope?  Is the Borough paying for sidewalks on the CSX side? 

Comment by Nina on May 26, 2015 at 2:19pm
Jim, thanks for raising these safety issues about the Hillside Rd project
Let's hope the roadway is not affected

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