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Charade of Nay Sayers at Council Meeting - SORA Revitalization Proposal

Tonight's council meeting turned into a comical charade of "nay sayers" trying to create an atmosphere of fear and misinformation in regards to the proposed revitalization in the business district by Sora , a real estate Investment firm. 

After several past public meetings with SORA, the next logical step was to have the Business Owners meet with SORA to answer questions and concerns.  This took place in Borough Hall on Thursday Feb 16.  The owners wanted a meeting where they could ask questions in a free an open venue just for their personal concerns. 

Pam Boland (aka Mrs. Robert Boland ) and Steve Valerio showed up, un-invited and began videoing the meeting without consent of all in attendance.  Of course they were secretly filming.  Fast forward to tonight's meeting, the two of them and a few of their usual supporters showed up to personally attack Dan Broadhurst and myself.  The childishness that was being spewed by grown adults was embarrassing.  I really feel for the families of these supposed adults.  If my child or family saw this display by Pam Boland and Sheila Glenn, I would be mortified. 

Visitors at the meeting asked if these people are proud of the way they act in public settings.  I didn't have the answer, just empathy for the families.  What was all so amusing to me, was that I've seen it all before in the past.  The same few people who support the "Bob Boland coalition" coming to a televised council meeting and not being able to articulate a civil and adult conversation without lashing out childishly at councilors personally. 

Dan, SORA, Mike, and myself have become a huge threat to the Boland coalition.  We think on our own and act like grown adults and can see the "coup" attempt whenever an idea that is not from the "Stepford Councilors" is presented to the public. 

Another follower, Sue McAtee came to the podium and asked indignantly why Planning was not invited to "all of the SORA" meetings.  We have not even entered into any kind of contract or agreement with SORA, so there is no need for planning to be there.  ( Example, If I have several contractors come to my home to show me plans of what they would like me to consider for a renovation, I don't contact the Code Enforcer or the Borough to be there until I've decide and contract with the work to be done.)  It really was amazing the effort that this group took to try to derail this initiative.  The business owners were given a rendition of what SORA proposes and they ( the business owners ) want to continue dialogue.  We as councilors are just as much responsible to the business owners as we are to the residents of Ridley Park.  We are NOT responsible to Bob Boland who has no control of this borough. 

This is an alert for his stepford councilors who blindly continue to follow his orders.  The way the supporters did tonight.  Dan Broadhurst explained to the public in Old Business about the meeting so that all of council was kept informed. Thank you Dan for squashing the attempt by the Boland Coalition to label the recent meeting as "secretive"  God knows Shellie D'Alessio, Bob Berger, and Jim Glenn have ALWAYS kept the rest of council in the loop of their borough business.  ( The purchase of Recycle Bins, the Guard / Toll booth at Sellers and Chester Pike, who decided councilors committees in the organization meetings last year, just to name a few.)  Who's behind it all?  Guess.

Mr. Robert Boland, the Republican Party leader is feeling insecure about his position, or lack of, in the Business Owner's request to hear the Sora Redevelopment's proposal without his consent or "control".  This is threatening to him.  So he coordinated and sent his wife, Pam Boland to come to council meeting along with a charade of other "usual" followers. 

I hope that the public meeting was not videoed because Pam, Sheila, and others displayed an embarrassing display of uncontrollable rhetoric in an effort to discredit me personally and Dan Broadhurst ( The leader of the Sora proposed project ).  Sorry folks, you failed.  Some of you were quite dramatic and so angry. For your family's sake, I hope you didn't televise the event. 

We will continue to follow the direction and instruction of the Business owners and other property owners who want information in order to make decisions that affect their businesses and properties.  Looking forward to the next meeting in regards to the business district revitalization possibilities.  Keep up the lead Dan Broadhurst and Mike Gale, and welcome to Ridley Park politics drama 101 displayed tonight. 

November is just around the corner keep up the faith!

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Comment by Marie B on March 10, 2017 at 6:05pm

I joined conversation because I watched the council meeting 2/21 live and was completely disgusted by what I saw. The 2 woman who got up to yell about the down town re-development both sounded drunk. What an embarrasment to this town. If you have nothing intelligent to add to the conversation, don't say anything at all. 

Comment by Parkerbaby01 on March 7, 2017 at 10:47pm
I would strongly suggest that you formally advertise all future meetings so that the resident who will ultimately foot this bill may avail themselves. My fear is that business will come off the tax roles and the borough will have a gaping hole in the budget, not to mention that the borough will be required to be a monetary donor to this adventure. It is my opinion that this redevelopment of the downtown business district is not a good idea. The quaintness of our town has been leaving in leaps and bounds and to take away more of the historic buildings/stores just adds to the loss of the original architectural design of this community. Many, many questions to be answered. If the one employee of Sora Northeast who recently moved into the borough will be on council, I believe it is a direct conflict of interest and he cannot take part on the discussions or vote on this issue at all.

Please include the community, the H.A.R.B. and the Historical Society for input.
Comment by Linda Shockley on February 22, 2017 at 8:52pm

Jared, the meeting was televised. We didn't know any of the people who came to the podium but one of the women looked and sounded drunk. Their attack was a disgrace, do they think they're on "Real Housewives of New Jersey"?

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