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Ridley Park Borough Managers' Job Title vs. Ridley Park Borough Managers' Job

A Borough Manager's job description is broad and expansive.  Constantly changing and ever challenging, the many duties of a Borough Manager include: keeping the financial status of a borough current and accurate ( transparent to all ), constantly search for grants and financial opportunities in the borough's interest, preparing financial reports, working with auditors (state and local) to maintain financial protocol, answering residents concerns, following up on complaints and resident needs, and helping keep the Highway Department running efficiently; the list goes on and on.

On top of these and many other job responsibilities, the Borough Manager serves the needs of the seven Borough Councilors.  The job can be extremely rewarding and at the same time be thankless.  There are a few administrative positions that work with the Borough Manager in the office daily that support the manager.  Most boroughs offer the position at a salary level.  Which means you get NO overtime, yet you are expected to work endless overtime.  When there is an emergency in town, you are expected to be there, no matter what time of the day or night.  Salaries are usually from the low $50,000 / yr to over $100,000 / yr depending on the municipality.  If this list of duties hasn't exhausted you thinking about the "other responsibilities" not mentioned above, then wait until you hear about the "political" influences.  Most managers are hired by the majority of councilor's party affiliation ( aka Republican, Democratic, Tea Party, Independent, etc.. )  There are an odd number of councilors who vote to approve your employment.  So the majority of votes gets you hired.  We have 7 councilors here in Ridley Park, so 4 votes gets you hired.  Sounds simple and easy, then again, this is Ridley Park.

In Ridley Park, our council has political influences from two other positions in the political spectrum.  One is the Party of the Majority of Councilors serving and the other is the State Representative.  Currently, with these two, you are expected to be a puppet when on council.  (This was so mind-boggling to me when I was first introduced to politics.  Why do 7 grown adults need to be influenced by the a State Representative and a political party leader? 

I found out when I had an opposition to several decisions about the direction of the borough.  After two years of being a team player, playing their game, and following the majority, I knew I had to speak up.  No one is going to tell me how to think and suggest how I should vote, EXCEPT the residents of Ridley Park...period!  They are who I am serving and not the political majority. 

If you become the borough manager of Ridley Park, you will see that 4 councilors are the "Stepford Children" to the Party Leader and our State Representative. They have no idea what they stand for unless they are told what to stand for. 

I am trying to say it that being Borough Manager is also accepting the full time position of babysitting adult behavior in addition to the normal duties of the position.  It's like witnessing high school behavior all over again, with immature people, insecurities and childish behaviors. Still - I am not discouraging anyone from applying and laying out the realism of the current task. 

Last time we had "legitimate interviews" for Borough Manager 12 great candidates applied.  When we, the 7 councilors narrowed the field to two finalists, "the political leader and state representative" pulled out of their hats Dawn Human. We were told, "she was a 10 and all other candidates where 3's".  Remember that one?  We had posted the position for several weeks, interviewed all the finalists on the very day before we were to vote, Dawn Human had to be interviewed and was elected to the position.  Have I scared you away yet? 

Once you go through the Ridley Park process, any Manager in Ridley Park will have to listen to the State Representative and the Republican Party leader in order to stay employed.  Don't be confused.  The job of Borough Manager should be to serve our community and the 7 councilors who make the decisions for the community but that is not the truth of the job in Ridley Park. The final say ultimately belongs to what the Republican political leader decided; not council, not the community, not the Borough Manager.  Some of this crap my sound impossible but it is all reality in Ridley Park...and that reality can change this November.

The great news for Borough Manager prospects and the residents of Ridley Park is that 5 Council seats are up for election on November, 5.  We the minority on council are working with several willing and outstanding residents who want to run for you.  Not for their party, but for the residents of Ridley Park.  We are from both political parties, but that does not influence how we govern as councilors.  Once we take over the majority and send the Stepford Children the message that their time is over, you aspiring Borough Manager candidates can get your resumes ready and prepare for a challenging, political-free employment. 

Ridley Park is a great town to live in and work in.   We have our scars like every other town, but most of ours are only small imperfections in the diamond.  None of us are perfect.  Ridley Park is perfect for us.  Apply for the Borough Manager's job if you are ready for the challenge. Ask me questions of you are looking for the truth. Vote on November 5th and make Ridley Park great again.

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Comment by Jared Brennan on January 28, 2017 at 11:58am

Hi Dona Marie,

You can always send your resume and a letter of interest to apply for the Borough Manager position to:  Ridley Park Borough Hall  105 East Ward Street Ridley Park Pa 19078.  Attention Councilors

Comment by tim devabey on January 22, 2017 at 1:37pm

@Jared,  Please name the five (5) Councilors who will be up for re-election in November this year.  I would like to take the opportunity to express my feelings based on fact as to which ones deserve or don't deserve to be on Council.  Also I would like to point out to those who insist on using empty political jargon such as "bipartisan" (such as Bob Berger) that we need NON partisan representatives willing to serve truth and integrity rather than the pull of the apron string or puppet master.  To me, NON-partisan means NO puppet master.

Comment by Linda Smith on January 22, 2017 at 11:05am
Bravo Jared. You said what needed to be said. It's time for a bipartisan council. A council that will work together for the good of its citizens.
Comment by Howard McCoy on January 22, 2017 at 8:02am

@Jared: Make Ridley Park Great Again sound like a true statement to me. Thank you so much for your openness and your willingness to step forward, speak out of the council chambers, and to keep the residents of Ridley Park informed on what's going on in our government.

I too have experienced the Stepford Children...I agree, nice people who don't make up their own minds.

Partisanship and the Republican leader have divided our little community into exclusive narratives of "we" and "they." There's been no cooperation with RPOL, no community gatherers, no community contributors - only you Jared and scores of us in Ridley Park salute you for keeping us informed, for being the voice of the people and for going with your personal convictions and not with the Machine.

I wish it didn't have to be that way in our little town - but the "little big man" agendas of a few in our Borough won't go away until the majority of the Ridley Park residents decide to change the agenda using the power of their vote.  I too want to make Ridley park great again.

Comment by Sandy on January 22, 2017 at 12:21am
I'm very proud of you Jared for not being afraid to let the residents of Ridley Park know what is going on. Residents must come to workshop and council meetings each month.They also must be able to watch the meetings on the TV,, but it seems as though for some reason ours never seems to be working. We have to get rid of some council members. Also if they are voted out on Election Day and 2 months later they quit doesn't mean that the person who lost the election should NOT be allowed to be appointed by council like they did this year. People please come aut to the meetings.

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