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America's third-oldest community theater group is currently producing another original hit; Shakespeare in the Trailer Park. "Call this "Hee Haw" with depth, respect and heart" wrote Boden Day of the News Journal.  "The sheer goofiness of pastiches like Shakespeare's famed "I am a mere shadow of my former self"...work only because the play sits firmly on a well-drawn script and a better-than-adequate troupe directed by RPOL member Marsha L. Amato-Greenspan.

"With the inevitable pink flamingo lawn ornaments, named Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, and groaners like, "Aye, there's the Vapo-rub!" this production needs only more consistent pacing and some first-act editing to be an even more rewarding and solid A-plus" said Day in his review

Shakespeare in the Trailer Park is about the conflict between two trailer parks Montegue Hills and Capulet Acres that has finally reached the boiling point. One trailer park will be bulldozed to build a new Walmart, but which one? In the midst of this conflict the bakery owner is poisoned as star-crossed lovers of rival trailer parks meet and fall desperately in love. Who will uncover the murderer? Will the star-crossed lovers defy their kin and respective trailer parks and remain in love?  For the answers to all of this and to make sense of it all see “Shakespeare in the Trailer Park.

Cabaret seating and BYOB. Adults $10, seniors and youth under 18 $8.

Tickets available at the box office, or online

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Comment by james day on April 9, 2011 at 10:09pm
It was a good show and lol funny...so many one liners & shakesphere quotes. The actor who played the Rent a Cop was stellar and notable performances were handed in by all.   A Tudor trailor! A Tornado! 4 stars here!

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