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Franklin Mint Credit Union offers branch inside Ridley High School

A student branch of the Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union is in the works at Ridley High School. School principal Dr. Kenneth Acker, submitted a request to the School Board in January meeting for the branch bank. The branch will run a student-operated Financial Literacy Center inside the high school under the supervision of Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union (FMFCU) employees.

The student-operated Financial Literacy Center will be available only to folks who normally have access to the school, like students, faculty and staff. The goal of the program is to provide teens with real-life personal finance skills, job training, and giveoverall financial literacy for the entire student body.

The Financial Literacy Center will be part of the School Store Room outside of the cafeteria. FMFCU will pay the cost of renovations including furniture and signage. For more details see the article in the DelCo News Network by Barbara Ormsby. http://www.delconewsnetwork.com/articles/2016/01/11/ridley_town_tal...

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