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It's been since Tuesday night when Ridley Park Borough Council person Doris Lamb tendered her resignation at the monthly borough workshop and I haven't read a word about it anywhere. The first vacancy by Linda Smith's exit just weeks ago was filled by Kenneth Harper. Now a second appointment for Doris Lamb's seat is expected before December 14.

I didn't attend the recent workshop meeting or read a copy of her resignation letter, instead I called Doris on the phone to find out why a second Borough Council person would resign so soon after the election. As always, Doris was giving of her time and our short chat easily drifted into an hour. "I'm happy with every decision we made" she said humbly, when she referred to her council members and "I'm proud of every decision I personally made." She particularly enjoyed her time as the Council member with direct oversight for Parks and Public Property since all of the improvements are so visible and they'll be enjoyed by everyone for a very long time.

She had not one complaint that anything bad or nasty had happen to her; like happen to Linda Smith or Terry Bradley and Jeanne Frantz, instead, Doris is murked that outright lies were spread about her administration during the election. According to Doris, no one used Pa's "Right-To-Know" act to check the Borough's records about facts and she has copies of political literature filled with untrue facts and lies about her and her administration's accomplishments. Past that, Doris is comfortable with her contribution to our community and happy with her resignation. "I have a lot of interests and I've given all my time and every other Tuesday night for two years, and I can't give every drop of blood."

Like always, my conversation with Doris was filled with interesting topics and a sense of camaraderie as Registered Nurses that lets me forget that she's been an octogenarian for some time - I find her so interesting and I admire her energy and her enthusiasm for her dreams. With no exception this conversation with Doris ended on a happy note; last Saturday she celebrated her birthday and tomorrow she dedicates a memorial tree for Stan Savinese in Recreation Field (ABC park). When we ended our phone call I understood why Doris resigned; she wanted to accomplish her dreams - and I admire that. I know as well, that Doris's dream to be a Borough Council member was a benefit for Ridley Park. Thank you for all your time, work, and efforts.

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Comment by Kenneth Harper on December 17, 2009 at 2:02pm
Thank you Doris for doing a great job for all the people of Ridley Park.
Comment by Nina on December 5, 2009 at 7:41am
Thanks for a great story Howard! And the beautiful photos!
Comment by RidleyParkOnline on December 5, 2009 at 1:48am

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